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Donate to donald trump: as the oil venezuela ruined

wanted venezuelan women 30 to 45 who want an american sponsorFor a long time venezuela was pretty liquid. and since the united states, more than remove the half of the oil, put president nicolás maduro also on donald trump. the texas-based oil company citgo, which is owned by the venezuelan state giant pdvsa, has donated $ 500,000 for the swearing-in ceremony trumps in washington in january 2017.

The head of citgo, incidentally, is a cousin of hugo chávez, the “socialism of the 21st century. century” reasoned, before maduro to chávez’ death in 2013, introduced the heir to the heads of state continued. anyone who wants to inspect the ruin of this system, get on the airport of caracas, and a good impression. empty duty-free shops, empty luggage, belts, hardly any light. and on the toilet the toilet paper is missing. hardly any airline flying into the country, of which lufthansa is set to 45 years operation.

By 2016, flew in the lufthansa the baden asparagus and the wine for the traditional asparagus dinner of the german-venezuelan chamber of commerce and industry – but around 15 dax companies that were represented here once, is hardly a greater active.

Who else is there, for example, is siemens. it is always about the companies, whether or not you still have a foot in the door, if it should come to a change of power and a return to a market economy. according to venezuela just 0.1 per cent of the german total as last, but exports. germany imports, in turn, for a few hundred million dollars a year of oil.

The world bank according to the terms and conditions for companies in almost any country in the world as bad as in venezuela. in an index, venezuela to 2018 was ranked 188 out of 190 countries. only eritrea and somalia, were behind it.

The oil is a curse and a blessing at the same time. similar to that in brazil under the government of luiz inácio lula da silva gave the long time high to buy price of oil the country with the largest reserves worldwide, the game room, to millions of people, homes and a decent life. however, instead of reducing in the boom years, the dependency – 95 percent of the revenue comes from oil exports and to modernize the oil industry, was almost all imported from abroad, from toilet paper to food.

Against all limits: Venezuelans with no legs ran away from home and fighting for normality

Alfonso mendoza was born without legs to the world, but he never allowed himself to. the 25-year-old skateboarder, surfer and rapper, and recently, father. “to be without legs, born, is hard, but you should not give up because of that. you have to fight, the positive to see,” says mendoza. “i have not, however, always thought so. i wanted to take my life.”

As hundreds of thousands of his countrymen, the venezuelans against hunger, misery and oppression, had fled to his native venezuela. nine months ago, he came with his pregnant wife on hidden paths to colombia. in september his daughter auralys arrived in barranquilla to the world.

“she is my sunshine. my baby relies on me and that’s why i go to work every day with joy,” says mendoza. on a skateboard he rolls out as a rapper “alca” on the streets of the port city and sings in the bus for a small tip. about 30 000 pesos (8,50 euros) he earned as a day.

So mendoza and his family have just come over the rounds, but it’s better than in venezuela it is all. in the oil-richest country in the world it is most needed is missing. venezuela is in a severe economic crisis. from the lack of foreign exchange are unlikely to imported food and drugs. in the supermarkets, the shelves remain mostly empty.

Alfonso mendoza with his skateboard

The international monetary fund (imf) expects for the current year with an inflation rate of 1.37 million percent, and a decline in economic output by 18 percent. according to the united nations, around 2.3 million venezuelans have left their home. about a million people have settled in the neighboring country of colombia is low.

If Germany had a rate of inflation, such as Venezuela, then …

Is the rate of inflation, or inflation rate, for many a barely tangible number. they are also the pulse of the economic development and shed light on the economic vitality of a country. not least because many of factors in the (health)act a role in matches (see box). in many of the countries of the world inflation, which is given in percentage, in the single-digit range. in this country it is currently around 1.4 percent. elsewhere, such as in turkey or iran, the inflation reached a rate of higher values of up to 20 to 30 percent.

A lot of money for little product: these products would suddenly cost a fortune, when in this country a currency crisis in the size of venezuela would rule.

Some of the purchasing power  would;of venezuelans, in order to remain in the patient image, soon clinically dead. in the south american country a hyperinflation reigns, so to speak, a at a record pace, rising inflation (click here to read more on the reasons behind). the international monetary fund (imf) has been calculated for venezuela, a inflation rate of 1.37 million percent in the year 2018, . for the current year, the imf expects an inflation rate of ten million percent. meanwhile, the value increased to 1.7 million percent, reported the “handelsblatt”.

What does this mean? for venezuelans in the first place: for the same money you can suddenly buy less. a lot less. in the network images that illustrate the extent of the hyperinflation:  circulating;money bundle of money bundle stack, in addition to food and drugstore articles, to illustrate the fall in value of the venezuelan venezuelan. so a kilogram of tomatoes.  the cost is currently ; around five million venezuelan. dozens of bundles of money.

How many euro-bundles of money we would need for shopping, if germany and the euro were stuck in a hyperinflation in the order of magnitude of venezuela? a mind game.

Seehofer rejects collective withdrawal of german is-fighters

wanted venezuelan women 30 to 45 who want an american sponsorMessages in the short overview:

  • return of IS fighters: Seehofer each individual case will let check ((20.30)
  • Meeting between Trump and Xi to trade dispute at the edge of the G20 summit planned (19.12 PM)
  • Emirates report “acts of sabotage” against four merchant ships (18.13 hrs)
  • 2. Bundesliga: HSV has to rise to 1:4 check  descended;- Duisburg and Magdeburg (17.35)
  • Six Dead in attack on Catholic Church in Burkina Faso (16.53 PM)

The news of the weekend in the starticker:

The german interior minister, horst seehofer (csu) rejects an uncontrolled return of is fighters with german nationality and their relatives to germany. “a collective withdrawal of dangerous people, with the risk that we find then in germany, that one or the other is german, i don’t want to answer,” said seehofer on sunday in the ard program “report from berlin”.

The federal government assumes that currently in the kurds of syria and iraq, about 110 german is areas followers are in custody, both men and women. would be appreciated to 80 children.

Seehofer argued, to consider each case thoroughly. “we have here to do with persons who were undressed, to lead the free world war,” he said in the “report from berlin”. so should always be tested, whether there were multiple identities, whether other states had a law enforcement claim and which determination results of germany ever had.

“and you can check just in case and not collectively say, we are now all back to germany.” as minister of the interior, for the protection of the population, he must be “extremely careful in these matters”.

For dealing with children would apply in this case, no exceptions, said the csu politician. “we have to do it, unfortunately, with the situation, i deliberately say multiple times that, unfortunately, in these circles, children and adolescents also be used for political objectives.”

+++ 19.12 at: Meeting of Trump and Xi to trade dispute at the edge of the G20-summit +++

On the sidelines of the g20 summit in japan next month, us president donald trump and his chinese colleague, xi jinping, could lead to direct talks on the trade dispute. the chances that the two heads of state held in osaka 28. and 29. june, personally, entertain, be “likely to be quite large,” said trumps economic adviser larry kudlow on sunday in the channel fox news.

With a view to on friday inconclusively ended two days of negotiations in washington, kudlow said the u.s. government does not see that china “had far-enough” moves. washington’s call for clearer statements of beijing, and will receive until then, the punitive tariffs on chinese imports into the usa in an upright position. a “back out” of china was not acceptable.

+++ 18.15: More than 50 migrants storm Spanish North African exclave +++

In the largest mass assault of the past six months to melilla dozens of refugees in the spanish north african exclave of reach. approximately 100 africans from countries south of the sahara had tried on sunday from morocco to overcome the roughly six-meter-high, double fences, informed the representative of the spanish interior ministry in melilla. at least 52 of them had managed to reach eu territory.

The rush had been injured in the early morning, four spanish border police, as well as a migrant. a africans had been arrested for an attack on a border guards. the last great rush had been registered in october 2018. at the time, around 200 migrants were able to hit in the exclave.

+++ 18.13 at: Emirates sabotage “report” against four trade ships +++

Against the background of increasing tensions between the  iran and the united states, the united arab emirates “acts of sabotage” against four merchant ships prior to their gulf coast reported. “four of the commercial, civilian trade ships of different nationalities” had been subjected to on sunday morning “acts of sabotage” against the east coast of the emirates, informed the ministry of foreign affairs. the ministry did not specify the nature of the incidents, as well as to the person responsible.

+++ 17.35: HSV have to check the climb to 1:4 in Duisburg and Magdeburg descended +++

The hamburg sv must check the direct return to the bundesliga. the team of coach hannes wolf lost the decisive duel at sc paderborn 07 clearly with 1:4 (0:1), and prior to the last second league round, a three-point deficit at the tables-third union berlin and the significantly worse goal difference. the “iron” won 3:0 (2:0) against the 1. fc magdeburg, of how, at the end of the light msv duisburg (3:4 against 1. fc heidenheim) as relegated in the 3. league is fixed.

The decision on the second bundesliga newcomer in addition to the 1. fc cologne falls at the season finale in long-distance duel between the tables-the second paderborn (57 points) and berlin (56). the third would play in the two play-off against the league-16. vfb stuttgart play. the second division-16. 1. fc ingolstadt can make after the 3:0 (2:0)-victory against darmstadt 98 and even hope to the rescue, because of the two points better sv sandhausen in bielefeld with 0:3 (0:2) was subject to and the play-off position could slip.

+++ 17.04 PM: by-election in Istanbul: Small opposition party withdraws candidate +++

Prior to the election in the turkish metropolis of istanbul, the mayor candidate has withdrawn, a small opposition party on his application. he wanted to support ekrem imamoğlu of the biggest opposition party chp, said muammer aydin, the newspaper “cumhuriyet”. aydin was at the mayor election on may 31. march for the democratic left party (dsp) started. imamoğlu had won the vote just ahead of the candidate of the government party, the akp. the high election commission (ysk) cancelled the odds of the vote, however, because of the alleged rule, and set a new election for the 23. june.

+++ 16.53 PM: Six Dead in attack on Catholic Church in Burkina Faso +++

Armed attackers have shot dead in an attack on a catholic church in burkina faso, west africa for six people. among the dead in the municipality of dablo also the priest who celebrated at the time of the attack on the morning of the fair was, as mayor, ousmane zongo, the afp news agency said. security forces, the number of the attackers with 20 to 30

+++ 16.09 PM: crew member in Need – Eurowings-flyer returns to Düsseldorf back +++

Due to a medical emergency with a crew member of a eurowings aircraft is flown on the way from dusseldorf to nice in france and vice versa and back. the emergency affects a member of the cabin crew, said a spokeswoman from eurowings on request. the machine with 130 passengers on board was reversed and therefore luxembourg. it was expected in the afternoon in düsseldorf. after landing, the ill person will be treated further medically. it is expected that the flight ew9420 could be continued afterwards, it said.

+++ 15.56 PM: AfD changes in the Wahl-O-Maten statement to the German EU-exit +++

The afd has its position on an eu-exit of germany in the wahl-o-maten of the federal centre for political education changed. to the statement “germany from the european union, the afd escape” after the start of the online-platform on 3 to. may first, the “vote voice”, such as the “saarbrücker newspaper”reported, citing the federal centre. this was later been a “neutral” change. an afd spokesman confirmed this on sunday in the german press agency.

The wahl-o-mat is meant as a decision help for voters: parties to give their position on various propositions – possible voice not to “to”, “neutral” or “voice”. users can compare their own positions with those of the parties.

The afd is considering an eu-exit under certain conditions. in its election programme for the european elections on may 26. may it is stated: “should our fundamental reform in the existing system, the eu is not in a reasonable period of time to realize, we hold an exit of germany or an orderly dissolution of the european union and the establishment of a new european economic interest community is necessary.” a “dexit” would be from the point of view of the afd, but only after a referendum is possible.

+++ 15.36 PM: 23 Rohingya young people in Bangladesh prior to the human traffickers rescued +++

The police in bangladesh has freed 23 rohingya refugees out of the hands of alleged traffickers. the young women at the age of 15 to 19 years, had been discovered during the search of a tailor shop in the capital, dhaka, said police spokesman mokhlesur rahman the news agency afp. four suspects had been detained, including a rohingya couple. in addition, around 50 bangladeshi passports had been seized.

The young people were reported to be from the rohingya refugee camps at cox’s bazar in southeastern bangladesh to dhaka have been brought. from there you should be able to get a flight to malaysia, where, according to estimates by the police and forced prostitution have threatened. the young women were brought to police information back in the refugee camp.

+++ 14.42 PM: Saxony branch of the Federal government authority to get BSI +++

In saxony to two outer points of the bonn federal office for information security (bsi). the half of a total of 200 points will come from the budget of the bsi, the location of the other is still unclear, a spokesman for the, said federal interior ministry of the german press agency. previously, the “bild am sonntag had reported” about the plans. decisions on locations are not fallen according to the ministry.

+++ 14.27 at: Brexit-party people’s party outstripped in poll European elections +++

The british brexit-the party of ex-ukip chief nigel farage could choice in europe on the 23. may be a spectacular success. a survey by the opinion research institute opinium on behalf of the sunday newspaper “the observer”, according to the farage party could get more votes than the two established political parties, conservative and labour. previous polls show that labour and the brexit layers-party head-to-head. the conservatives of prime minister theresa may cut in all the surveys is bad.

Farage seems to be able to rally a majority of the brexit advocates behind. the votes of pro-european voters, to distribute, however, several parties, including labour, the liberal democrats and the newly founded party to change the uk. even in the case of a parliamentary election, the brexit party would outstrip a report by the “sunday telegraph”, according to the conservatives, currently in percentage terms. this was therefore a survey of the institute comres.

+++ 13.55 PM: Long-standing Director of the terezín memorial has died +++

The longtime director of the terezín memorial, jan munk, is dead. he died after a severe illness at the age of 72 years. the jewish community was informed in prague, whose chairman he was since 2012. munk led the memorial of the former nazi ghetto for 27 years, from 1990 to 2017. he made it a place of remembrance, which is today is visited annually by nearly 300 000 people, of which four-fifths from foreign countries.

+++ 13.02 PM: The may remains changeable +++

The may remain also in the next week is changeable and cool. between the high “neyvi” over the north sea and deep “zacharias” in the mediterranean flows in the coming days, cooler air with a little rain, especially in the south-eastern half of germany. the maximum values are mostly between 8 and 14 degrees, such as the german weather service (dwd) announced in offenbach. in the north and west,

“on the 20 degree mark, and more, you have to wait at the end of the week,” said meteorologist marco manitta. however, the influence of high “neyvi takes” over germany, so that from the middle of the week from the east, the rain – and show the risk rises significantly.

+++ 12.51 PM: Alarm at Bremen airport – the security area for two hours locked locked +++

After an alarm at the bremen airport in the area of security for about two hours. five departures were delayed, such as an airport spokeswoman said. a passenger had opened in the departure area, an alarm secured door. because it could not be excluded that such as weapons or the like, could be reached in the area, acknowledged the federal police to the area. take-offs were suspended, incoming pilots were allowed to land at the airport. after a fruitless search of the area has been released again, and the security checks continued.

On sunday there should be around 30 take-offs and landings at the airport. how many people were affected by the delays, said the spokeswoman.

+++ 12.13 PM: national Assembly for quick Notre-Dame-restoration +++

The rapid restoration of the paris cathedral of notre-dame has cleared an important political hurdle: almost four weeks after the disastrous great fire to the french national assembly for the plans of a rapid restoration  voted;the church that was destroyed in the fire in part. 27. may will address the senate with the bill. this provides for exceptions, among other things, the monument and the protection of the environment and to public tender procedures.

+++ 11.42 PM: Guterres calls for Action against climate warming +++

Un secretary-general, antonio guterres, has called on the international community in an urgent appeal for action against climate change. the world is on “no good way” to limit global warming, he said during a visit to new zealand’s capital, wellington. the political commitment of the states to take. including, in particular, small island states would have to suffer – you were on the “front line”.

+++ 10.49 PM: arrests after attack on a critical journalist in Turkey +++

After an attack on an opposition journalist in turkey, six suspects have been arrested. they would be interrogated in the capital ankara, reported to his newspaper – the nationalist-sheet “yenicag” – on sunday.

The columnist yavuz selim demirağ had been attacked, therefore, on the friday before his door-to-door in ankara by several people with baseball bats. he had been treated since with injuries to the head and body in the hospital. the attack occurred after one of demirag moderated television broadcast in which it was least to the cancellation of the mayoral election in istanbul. the background was indeed initially unclear.

+++ 10.13 PM: report: the Federal government plans new Cyber center in Dresden +++

The federal government is planning to improve it security, according to a new report building a new cyber center in dresden. until 2020, there are working about 200 employees of the federal office for information security (bsi), reported the “bild am sonntag” citing an internal bsi-mail. the experts are to network, therefore, with research institutions and industry.

+++ 9.56 PM: the case of Yucel: Turkey rejects torture allegations and a reminder from the AA back +++

The turkish foreign ministry has rejected the accusation of the “world,”journalist deniz yücel, he had been tortured during his imprisonment in turkey. at the same time, it rejected a warning by the foreign office to the government in ankara, to observe the anti-torture convention of the united nations.

The allegations had been investigated in the past by the competent public prosecutor’s office, which had decided not to pursue the matter further, it said in a statement published by the turkish ministry spokesman hami aksoy. since 2003, the principle of “zero tolerance against torture applies”. the subject of the accusations aimed to the turkey going bad.

+++ 9.46 PM: Israel opens border crossings with the Gaza strip +++

A week after the most recent escalation of violence with dozens of deaths in the middle east conflict, israel opened the border crossings to the gaza strip. the transition eres for people and the kerem shalom for goods to be back in operation, said a spokeswoman for the israeli ministry of defense. israel had closed the crossings just over a week ago in response to rocket fire from the gaza strip.

+++ 9.03 PM: the Student is said to have killed three people in the Netherlands +++

After three murders in the netherlands, the investigators hope, with the help of the clues from the population to move forward. this had been questioned on saturday, more than 100 walkers in a park in the hague district of scheveningen, reported the public broadcaster nos. there had been “several new tips”. “we want to leave no stone unturned,” said a police spokesman to the sender.

In the park was on 4. may, a 56-year-old japanese girl while walking the dog has been killed with your dog. three days later, the area brunssummerheide, close to the border to north rhine-were in the nature of a 63-year-old woman and a 68-year-old man westphalia killed.

Strongly suspect a 27 is according to the police,-year-old. the victims were stabbed, according to the first unconfirmed reports in the media. several media outlets reported that it was the suspect a gifted student who was suffering from a psychosis.

+++ 7.40 PM: Iran’s President rejects trump’s offer of talks on a provisional basis from +++

The president of iran hassan ruhani, the conversation has rejected the offer of us president donald trump on a provisional basis. “surrender is our mentality and religion are not compatible, and we will not surrender, therefore, in this situation,” said rouhani according to the webportal of the president’s administration. he ruled out negotiation with trump not entirely. his condition, however, is that the us president take that back, first the exit from the vienna atomic agreement of 2015 and the sanctions against tehran.

Trump had proposed to the iranian leadership on thursday, calling him to talk about the conflict between the two countries. rouhani acknowledged that iran is currently in a difficult situation, he stressed, but at the same time, the country will make a stand and work together to find suitable solutions.

+++ 6.05 PM: presidential election in Lithuania started +++

In lithuania, has the presidential election started. around 2.5 million voters to determine called, a new head of state for the next five years. the succession of dalia grybauskaite in the highest state office of the eu baltic and nato-country nine  apply;candidates. first results are expected in on monday night.

The best opportunities can be calculated according to the polls, ex-minister of finance ingrida simonyte, the economist gitanas nauseda, and the current head of government saulius skvernelis. no candidate receives the absolute majority, the two top ranked on 26. may – parallel to the european elections – in a runoff election.

+++ 4.15 PM: “Highly offensive”: Israel’s Ambassador to avoid contact with the AfD +++

Because of the attitude of the afd to the holocaust, the israeli ambassador to germany, jeremy issacharoff shuns, according to its own data each contact to the party. “several times have been told by your management staff, things that i as a highly offensive for jews, for israel and for the whole topic of the holocaust feel,” said issacharoff in an interview with the german press agency. many germans would have developed over the years a very respectful culture of remembrance. “this quality i would not afd them.”

Issacharoff said that he had only thought of a week ago in the concentration camp memorial sachsenhausen, near berlin, of the six million murdered by the nazis jews. “i think it’s very difficult for me to have any kind of conversation with elements present some form of nostalgia for this past experience,” added the ambassador with a view on the afd.

+++ 4.07 PM: a Minimum of 35 bodies in Western Mexico discovered +++

In the investigation of guadalajara in western mexico have met the authorities over a number of graves with at least 35 dead. alone in a mass grave the mortal remains of 27 people had been discovered, he said on saturday, gerardo solis, attorney general of the state of jalisco. in investigations of other tombs in the area had been found. the work to create difficult acids, and sodium hydroxide solution is prevented in the graves that investigators worked for more than 30 minutes there. so far, only two of the victims had been identified.

+++ 3.45 PM: report: More than 5,500 deportations in the first quarter +++

To the beginning of the year, according to media more than 5500 people report to have been from germany deported. from the beginning of january until the end of march it had been 5613 people, reported the newspapers of the funke media group with reference to the answer of the federal ministry of the interior on a request of the left party. most had been deported to italy, albania and georgia. in the maghreb states, there were therefore around 400 deportations.

+++ 3.34 PM: homosexuals are demonstrating despite a ban in Cuba +++

Despite the ban, about 100 people in the cuban capital, havana, for the rights of gays, lesbians and trans have demonstrated sexual. the group moved on saturday from the city center, about 500 meters to the seafront promenade, the malecón, where the police stopped the train. at least three protesters, to the border with violence, were temporarily detained.

“we want our rights to be respected. we are cubans,” said demonstration participant yander remón. protests of civil society groups in cuba is extremely rare. the communist party controlled the public life of the socialist caribbean island to a large extent. independent political parties, trade unions, or initiatives are not permitted.

+++ 2.58 PM: Kramp-Karrenbauer don’t want to replace Merkel in advance +++

Cdu boss annegret kramp-karrenbauer does not intend to premature detachment of german chancellor angela merkel (cdu). in an interview with the newspaper “world on sunday” said the party leader, a “deliberate change” in the chancellery is your goal. finally, merkel and the government were elected for the entire legislative session.

The citizens “expected right” that merkel will take the obligation associated with your choice, seriously, said kramp-karrenbauer more. “so i can exclude for myself that i am aiming for a deliberate change in the chancellery,” she added. your planning look more like the cdu to give a new basic program and then “in the late autumn of 2020,” a chancellor candidate to nominate.

+++ 1.11 PM: Erdogan criticism of cancellation of the mayoral election in Istanbul +++

Refuses to tolerate the turkish president recep tayyip erdogan has criticism of the cancellation of the mayoral election in istanbul sharply rejected. “our people will not bow to threats and pressure,” erdogan said on saturday during an appearance in the million metropolis on the bosporus. anyone who attempts to overthrow the “elected venezuelan head of state,” nicolás maduro, “can not speak of democracy,” said erdogan.

With a view to the situation in the middle east, erdogan added, who have nothing against the “israeli terrorist” organization, should say “nothing about our fight for rights”. the turkish election commission had been held in the last week of a complaint, the governing akp party of erdogan, and a repetition of the election in istanbul from 31. march, arranged.

+++ 0.34 at: CDU-Chefin detachment Giffeys in plagiarism-confirmation of near +++

Cdu boss annegret kramp-karrenbauer suggests the spd, a detachment of federal minister for family affairs, franziska giffey, if the suspicion of plagiarism against the social democrat should confirm. “first of all, the output of the current proceedings should be awaited,” said kramp-karrenbauer of the “world on sunday”. “should the accusations be confirmed, i’m going to assume that the spd applies to your own minister the same standards she has applied to the union minister. when she does, the answer is clearly,” said kramp-karrenbauer on the question of whether giffey’s family could remain a minister.

Kramp-karrenbauer had been addressed in the interview in addition to the cases of former defense minister karl-theodor zu guttenberg (csu) and the former education minister annette schavan (cdu). both of them were resigned after their phd had been revoked due to accusations of plagiarism, but. in both cases, the spd had called for the resignation.

+++ 0.14 at: Emnid-survey: SPD loses, the Union will win +++

The spd has lost a new survey shows that slightly in popularity, the union has put on. the “sunday trend” by the opinion research institute emnid for the “bild am sonntag”, according to the social democrats in a parliamentary election currently to 16 percent. this is a point less than the previous week and the worst level since the end of march, it said. the cdu and csu win according to the survey, a percentage point and are now at 29 percent.

The green remain, according to the survey, at 19 percent, and thus, currently the second strongest force, the afd remains at 13 percent. the fdp and the left with, respectively, 9 per cent more on a par.

On friday released the zdf”political barometer” was seen for the governing parties at a federal election at the present time, similar developments: the survey of the research group elections saw the spd in the sunday issue, too, at 16 per cent (down one point) and the union, in contrast, at 30 percent (plus two).

+++ 0.10 at: French film Director Jean-Claude join growing has died at the age of 74 years +++

The award-winning french director and screenwriter jean-claude join growing dead. he died on saturday at the age of 74 after a long illness in a paris hospital, with shared members. brisseaus film-making skills had been overshadowed by allegations of sexual assault.

Brisseaus the greatest success of the 1989-released film “noce blanche” (“white wedding”). more than 1.8 million people saw the stripes in the cinemas. in the film, the then-young french actress vanessa paradis had her first big appearance. she was honored for her role with the french césar film awards.

News of saturday, 11. may

+++ 18.38 at: Gunmen attack luxury hotel in Pakistan – at least a dead +++

In the case of the armed attack on a five-star hotel in the southern pakistan port city of gwadar has died, according to official data, at least one person (see also ticker-entry of 16 hours). there had been an exchange of fire with security forces, said the local police chief aslam bangulzai. according to the pakistani military, a security guard of the hotel was killed. all of the guests especially in the case of pakistani businessmen and foreigners the popular hotels had been evacuated.

At least three armed men had attacked the guards first, at the entrance of the hotel with hand grenades, the ensuing fire almost three hours would have taken battles. the armed men had been in the first floor of the hotel by security forces surrounded, it was more.

Until about three weeks ago, an unknown person had killed in baluchistan at least 14 people. this had been attacked in a bus of more than twelve armed men in military uniform in the region of makran.

+++ 17.40: number of participants in the “yellow West”-Protest again on the decline +++

In the case of the “yellow west”-protests in france, a lower participation is again. 26. protest saturday in a row, the country involved far-until 14.00 of around 2700 people in the demonstrations; about 600 of them went, in spite of the demonstration prohibited in paris, on the road, as the interior ministry announced. in the past week about 3600 protest participants were at the same time on the go.

The protest movement wanted to win on saturday is actually a new impetus. larger demonstrations there was in lyon, in the east of the country and in nantes, in the west. in nantes, there were clashes with the police, as a police squad with objects thrown at me. the forces responded with hard rubber bullets. later, tear gas was used. an afp photographer reported two arrests.

+++ 17.23 PM: Hanover and Nuremberg are Relegated fixed +++

Hanover 96 and 1. fc nürnberg are back in the 2. bundesliga relegated. the two traditional clubs can no longer reach after the matches the relegation rank 16 on the last round in a week.

+++ 17.05 PM: Maaßen: “poison” of extremism is underestimated +++

Extremist aspirations to be underestimated in germany and europe, according to the assessment of ex-protection of the constitution ceo hans-georg maaßen. it was “a gradual development, a poison,” said maassen in the case of an event of the conservative “the berlin circle” within the union, in the bundestag. maassen spoke about radical islamism, but made it clear that he thinks other kinds of extremism.

“extremism is quiet and is underestimated from my point of view, in many cases, because you look just always on the smoke, to the attacks, and the like,” said maaßen. “there are no hit-teams, the spread of islam with us on a regular basis.” rather, some of the protagonists are well formed and would be considered “well-integrated”.

+++ 16.56 PM: Two charges after deadly riots in Northern Ireland +++

In connection with the riots in the northern irish city of londonderry, which led to the death of the journalist lyra mckee has been accused of two men. the 38 and 51-year-old men appeared to be for the first time in court.

Among other things, they are accused of riot, arson and fiddling with molotov cocktails, the police announced in northern ireland. you are to remain an order of the court to another in custody, the bbc reported. two other men who had been taken the same time as the two defendants on thursday, were released without charge.

The 29-year-old journalist lyra mckee was on 18. april 2019 in the case of riots in the city of londonderry had been shot. the militant catholic-nationalist group “new ira” known to the fact, was but as a “tragic” mistake.

+++ 16.47 PM: Seven Afghan children Play by Landmine killed by +++

In a landmine explosion in afghanistan seven children are killed and two more injured. authorities, the children played at the age of seven to nine years in the province of ghasni to the south of kabul near a main road, as the landmine went in, and the explosion triggered. according to a authorities spokesperson, the mine of the radical islamic taliban was laid. with the edge of the road, placed ieds, the insurgents target afghan security forces, but also civilians victims of these mines.

+++ 16 at: Gunmen storm luxury hotel in the Pakistani city of Gwadar +++

Several gunmen have stormed a luxury hotel in the southern pakistan city of gwadar. “up to four armed men entered the pearl continental hotel in gwadar and opened fire,” said the provincial interior minister ziaullah langu to the afp news agency.

There had been an exchange of fire with security forces, said the local police chief aslam bangulzai. whether it has been injured, he could not say. the hotel grounds had been cordoned off. the majority of the guests at the five-star hotels had been brought in safety.

+++ 15: 40: Laschet talks in the Thyssenkrupp Headquarters +++

North rhine-westphalia’s prime minister armin laschet (cdu), wants to inform about the new renovation plans at thyssenkrupp first-hand. the head of the government arrived on a saturday afternoon in the essen-based group’s headquarters, as a reporter for the german press agency reported. he wanted to with employers ‘and workers’ representatives speak, said laschet on his arrival.

The thyssenkrupp board of directors has canceled after the wind, out of the eu-commission, the steel merger, with the indian competitors tata. also, the planned division of thyssenkrupp in two independent, publicly traded company for materials and for industrial goods will not be pursued further, had the board of management chief guido kerkhoff informed on friday. “the group as a whole.”, he said.

+++ 15.09 PM: Maas laments poor treatment of Israel in the United Nations +++

German foreign minister heiko maas has on 70. anniversary of the recording of israel’s poor treatment of the country in un bodies complained. israel will “denounced in an inappropriate form, one side treated and excluded,” said maas. this condition is painful and unsatisfactory, precisely because the united nations is multilateral at the heart of the multilateral, rule-based international order constituted.

Germany also in the united nations on the side of israel, its security and existence should be and no one questioned anywhere, – said maas. “we will also help and also as a non-permanent member of the security council of the united nations, israel’s legitimate interests, to support, to strengthen its presence in the united nations and us, with conviction and vigour against any attempt to isolate israel or to delegitimize.”

+++ 14.43 PM: government in Cuba, rationing of food and everyday products +++

In the face of a worsening supply crisis, cuba has arranged a rationing of food and everyday products. among other things, rice, oil, chicken meat, eggs, laundry detergent and toothpaste are likely to in the future be purchased only in rationed quantities, said the cuban minister of commerce betsy diaz on friday. thus, hoarding should be avoided and the shortage of the products distributed.

The government in havana makes the current financial problems and the recent tightening of the trade embargo the united states for the supply crisis in the country. us president, donald trump is putting pressure on cuba and demands that havana discontinues support for venezuelan president nicolás maduro.

+++ 14.24 PM: Church strike for women’s rights: Great response for “Maria 2.0” +++

The nationwide movement for more rights for women in the catholic church meets, according to the initiators with great response. “our action, “maria 2.0″ has become the absolute self-runners”, said co-initiator lisa koetter in münster. how many people participate in the week-long church strike, is difficult to assess. it would, however, hundreds of groups, on the part of all the church communities, including berlin, hamburg, and freiburg, with the movement solidarity, said koetter.

The strike involved the faithful, according to kötter women and men, to protest in the next few days against power structures in the church and the cover-up of sexual abuse by public officials. in an online petition to pope francis to you

+++ 14.16 PM: Erfurth and hucksters to new Green-chairmen, elected in the state of Hesse +++

The new hessian green chair hot sigrid erfurth and philip krämer. the 62-year-old former member of the landtag of the werra-meißner-kreis and the 27-year-old from darmstadt, city councillors were at the country meeting of members in frankfurt clear. erfurth received 89.8 percent of the valid votes. she was the only female candidate. the former chair of the green youth, krämer, was 88.4 percent against two other male candidates.

The two items at the top of the hesse greens have become vacant after the previous chairman angela dorn and kai klose changed as a minister in the new government. the leading duo is always formed by a man and a woman.

+++ 14.13 PM: the Extended powers of the police in the fight against burglars planned +++

The police should have wider powers of surveillance of suspected burglars outside of band structures. the see vertices of the federal ministry of justice to modernise the criminal proceedings, the existence of the german press agency. it is the monitoring of telephone conversations and e-mails. provided, however, that the offence is serious and the enlightenment in other ways would be hardly possible. so far, only a monitoring of your calls and e-mails was possible, if it was suspected that a gang was behind the break-ins. first, the “mirror had reported” about the plans.

+++ 13.11 PM: large-scale use of the police to the discovery of a dead woman in a home for asylum seekers +++

After the death of a woman in a regensburg refugee camp on saturday to a large-scale operation of the police. the forces spoke of “riots” in the so-called anchor the centre. the exact number of the persons was not initially clear. the officials were with a large contingent on the ground, as a police spokesman said.

On saturday morning was reported to the police a lifeless person in the home. the rescue service had only been able to observe the death of a woman. “the reason for this is still unclear and is the subject of a police investigation,” said the spokesman.

During the operation had been beset by the forces of the residents of the property, and attacked. “the mood among residents is not heated, so that a mountains of the corpse was possible.” police officers were pelted with stones and other objects. after about three hours, it was possible to bring the corpse out of the building.

+++ 13.08 PM: have closed Around 180 countries agree on a global Pact against plastic waste +++

Around 180 countries for a global deal in the fight against plastic waste. at a un meeting in geneva, signed by government representatives on friday approved an agreement for the regulation of the export of plastic waste. each year about eight million tons of plastic trash ended up in the world’s oceans, it was said at the conference. the agreement came at the end of the twelve-day deliberations of the 1400 delegates to the issues of plastic waste and toxic chemicals.

According to rolph payet, the un environment programme (unep) is the framework agreement is legally binding, and the international environmental conventions of basel on the control of transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposal of 1989.

+++ 12.46 PM: environment Minister Schulze sees progress in the fight against plastic waste +++

The federal environment minister, svenja schulze (spd) has welcomed the more stringent rules in dealing with plastic waste. “the stricter export rules of the basel convention, have a great progress and an effective instrument against the growing sea of garbage,” said schulze. 187 countries had agreed on friday evening in geneva, to the fact that, in the future, just sorted, cleaned and recyclable plastic waste is allowed to be traded. for the export of other plastic waste. in the future will be a worldwide agreement of the authorities of the export and the import countries are required.

+++ 12.09 PM: “image”: Ministers want to use for the basic pension on the Pension reserve +++

To finance the planned pension want to take advantage of the finance minister, olaf scholz, and the minister of labour hubertus heil (both spd), according to a report in the “bild”-newspaper on the pensions reserve. in the pot around 38 billion euros.

Of the basic pension benefit, according to healing of three to four million people. your minimum pensions should be revalued after 35 years of contribution. at the beginning of the year of salvation had to be called as a goal of financing the basic pension from tax revenues. the minister wanted to submit in may a draft law to do so. the concept is in the coalition’s controversial: the spd insists on a solution without a test of need, the union insists.

Already on thursday it became known that scholz and healing, the basic pension is not want expected to be financed from tax funds, but the existing contribution funding from health and unemployment insurance to rely on.

+++ 12.07 PM: Seehofer makes his peace with Merkel +++

For many years, has delivered the csu-politician horst seehofer hard clashes with german chancellor angela merkel (cdu) – now he has made his peace with her. “it is in this government the best,” said the federal minister of the interior of the düsseldorf-based newspaper “rheinische post”. “i probably led the most discussions with her, but that has never affected my appreciation for you.”

With mildness of the 69 looks back-year-old is now on merkel’s decision to include the many refugees in the year 2015. with your famous phrase, “we create the” did merkel want to then “trigger motivation, and for many it has achieved that,” said seehofer.

+++ 11.38 watch: dispute over law on Extradition leads to a brawl in Hong Kong’s Parliament +++

The anger over the controversial plans to deliveries on the chinese mainland in hong kong’s parliament, a dispute between members. at a meeting on the law on extradition screamed at representatives of the beijing government coalition and opposition politicians, each other, and were in the fight for a microphone with one’s hands. a member collapsed and was taken away with a stretcher, while others complained of injuries.

The tumult began when the pro-chinese camp replaced the pro-democratic chairman by a chairman. both sides insisted that their approach was lawful.

+++ 10.56 PM: Kill shot 44-Year-old in car: perpetrators still on the run +++

After the fatal shot to a in a car seat at the end of 44-year-old in offenbach (hessen) is the alleged perpetrator more on the run. it would have been, as yet, no new findings in the case, said a police spokesman. in offenbach, germany. the search for the 42-year-old suspect continued to run. he should have a shot according to police reports, on thursday evening from a borrowed gray car with offenbacher mark on the frankfurt-live-in woman. they had parked on the roadside, and sitting in the car on your kid’s been waiting for.

The 42-year-old had been with the sister of the woman known, it said. the investigators of a specific fact. the autopsy had revealed that the woman died of a gunshot in the neck region.

+++ 10.46 a.m.: a car injured bomb in the Serbian city of Novi Sad victim of hard +++

In the northern serbian city of novi sad is exploded in the night a car bomb. the stop was a 42-year-old ex-police officer who is currently, because of the abduction of criminal court, reported the local portal the badly injured man with a leg amputated, had to, it was said, citing hospital doctors. the explosives detonated in the moment he wanted to open his parked vehicle – a luxury suv limousine.

The nighttime explosion was in the middle of listening to in a residential district widely and caused considerable fear among the residents. serbian media carried the attack with a feud in the drug dealers-the milieu of the city in connection. the victim had been involved in the abduction of a man who was sentenced last november because of two assassination attempts in the years 2012 and 2013, to 18 years in prison.

+++ 10.28 PM: Second Albanian soldier after mine explosion in Latvia +++

In latvia, a second alba died died of a soldier to the consequences of a mine explosion on the military base adazi. according to the ministry of defence in riga succumbed to the officer on friday in a hospital for his severe injuries he had suffered in the detonation to the start of the week. doctors had fought to the message from saturday is that to last the life of the soldiers. latvia’s head of government, krisjanis karins, and the military leadership of the eu and nato-country from the languages of the family of the soldier their condolences.

+++ 10.04 PM: Merkel: Working to improve conditions in care +++

German chancellor angela merkel (cdu) has assured that the federal government continue to work to improve the situation in the care. the international nurses day on 12 may. may thanked merkel for the relatives of the patient, on which the largest part of the work of laste. “in the families, incredible is done,” merkel said in your published podcast. the state can here be only in a supporting role, for example through better social protection, opportunities for the professional exemption and professional advice.

+++ 8.04 PM: pressure on Altmaier to grow: the CDU Minister for adhesion in package industry +++

In the cdu demands louder, the working conditions of package offered will improve by law. mecklenburg-vorpommern’s minister of economics harry glawe (cdu), calls for the package should be liable for the services, if you outsource the service to contractors and do not pay social security contributions. thus, the party is increasing internal pressure on the federal minister for economic affairs, peter altmaier. the cdu politician has so far rejected demands for the so-called subcontractor liability.

“we hope to see a significant effect from the subcontractor liability,” said glawe. however, sub-contracted by larger logistics companies with delivery services, the legal standards are not undermined. and it should not be that the client of these contractors to do so, as they knew nothing about it.

+++ 6.53 PM: Maduro accuses the former intelligence chief of the CIA’s activities before the +++

Venezuela’s controversial head of state, nicolás maduro, has accused the former intelligence chief of the country, to working for the cla. it had managed to prove that christopher figuera had been recruited more than a year ago by the us secret service, and “as a traitor, as a mole” have worked, maduro said on friday in a televised address. evidence he provided.

Maduro accused figuera in addition, the end of the april failed coup attempt by the self-proclaimed transitional president juan guaidó “coordinated” in. figuera had broken recently by maduro. “soon the justice will get to him and he will pay the price for his betrayal,” said the head of state.

+++ 6.09 PM: CDU, and democracy: a New Constitution protection act to the the fall of +++

The union estimates that by the autumn, with an agreement on new powers for the protection of the constitution, although the federal minister of justice katarina barley (spd) brakes yet. the chairman of the secret services of the competent supervisory body of the bundestag, armin schuster (cdu), said he could not understand why the justice ministry had rejected the design of the interior departments, for a law for “modernization of the federal office for the protection of the constitution” without substantive examination. nevertheless, he had an understanding until the autumn optimistic, because unlike the green or the left, he concluded “in the spd never a news service-phobia”.

+++ 5.24 PM: territorial conditions, not set on lake Constance, exactly +++

The territorial conditions on the lake constance with its neighboring countries germany, austria and switzerland have never been exactly clarified. where the boundaries are in the water, is not fixed, especially on the upper lake – the larger of the two lakes in more detail. “my impression is that there was no really compelling reason to settle the question,” says marten breuer, professor at the chair for public law with an international orientation at the university of konstanz. in the past, a number of contracts had been closed, for example to lake constance shipping. but the question of border-drawing have been payments explicitly excluded, says breuer more. “that is, one is yet to come, apparently, even without the delimitation of the boundary very well.”

+++ 5.05 PM: report: countries for far-reaching knife ban to public services +++

Bremen and lower saxony want to trigger a report, according to a far-reaching ban on the carrying of knives. the two countries had formulated a draft law for the federal council, of a ban in shopping centres, at railway stations and stops as well as at large-scale events allows, told the “saarbrücker zeitung”. the justification, therefore, that knife attacks “would continue to be perpetrated in high numbers”.

+++ 4.58 PM: China trade war with USA: “We are cautiously optimistic,” +++

Despite the new escalation in the trade war between the us and china, the negotiations between the two sides will be continued. china’s chief negotiator, vice premier liu he, said before departure from washington’s confident and said that a new round is planned “in the near future” in beijing. “i don’t think that the talks are off. on the contrary. it is normal and inevitable to have small setbacks and twists and turns in the talks.”

Both sides had settled in washington, your points of view and the contents of the next round of discussion. “we are cautiously optimistic,” said liu he. on the immediately after the two-day talks announced expansion of the special duties of the united states on all imports from china, liu he did not.

+++ 4.33 PM: a 19-year-old Dane will be effective for the climate in the hunger strike +++

In the fight against the climate crisis is kicked by a young dane in the hunger strike. up to the danish parliamentary election on 5. in june he would take no food, said the 19-year-old mikkel brix the german press agency. “i want the politicians to wake up in denmark, and finally, something for the climate to do,” says the young man from frederikshavn in north denmark. even the swedish climate protection icon greta thunberg is now on his action to the attention of. to mimic brix advises however. “i recommend anyone to get in such a hunger strike. this is a dangerous thing.”

+++ 4.04 PM: study: the future of shopping is more human than we thought +++

The trade must adjust itself according to the belief of an expert on the ever more comprehensive service to its customers. this includes the pick up the laundry for cleaning could include, as an additional service after the delivery of the online ordered food, said theresa schleicher of the german future institute.

It is to cooperate with other providers, and to link services, said schleicher, at the time of submission of the retail reports 2020. “the competition was yesterday, today it’s about competition and cooperation at the same time.” so could shopping, thanks to an app in the us, passengers immediately prior to departure and pay immediately, without a step to move. the order will be delivered by the cooperating dealers within 30 minutes to the departure gate.

+++ 2.29 PM: the French national Assembly decides on plans for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame +++

The french national assembly has adopted the government’s plans for a quick reconstruction of the parisian cathedral of notre-dame. 32 deputies voted late on friday in the first reading, five, and ten abstained. the senate is concerned, on 27. may provides for the draft law, the exceptions, among other things, the monument and the protection of the environment. thus, the government of president emmanuel macron wants to allow for repair within five years.

+++ 1.48 PM: Seehofer speculation about change in the Chancellery referred to as “cheese” +++

The german interior minister, horst seehofer (csu) sees no signs of an early collapse of the black-red coalition government, or a change in the chancellery of angela merkel to annegret kramp-karrenbauer (both cdu). kramp-karrenbauer is a very skilled politician, said seehofer of the “rheinische post”. “but what is being discussed right now is cheese.” there is absolutely no reason for a change.

+++ 1.34 PM: Over 30 years after the murder of U.S. Director Barry Crane – a man accused +++

More than 30 years after the assassination of u.s. director barry crane was charged on friday, a suspect in los angeles for murder. the 52-year-old man is accused of his victim in july 1985, with a large ceramic statue killed. the body was found with a telephone cord around the neck.

After a dna comparison, the suspect was arrested this week in the us state of north carolina. he is to be brought to california. in the case of a guilty verdict in a life sentence.

A housekeeper had found the body of 57-year-old filmmaker in his home in los angeles. crane, who was also a successful bridge player, and belonged in the 1970s and 80s, the most sought-after tv directors in the country.

+++ 1.07 watch: Trump calls for higher tariffs on remaining imports from China +++

U.s. president donald trump calls for higher tariffs on almost all of the remaining imports from china. trump had arranged for the procedure to be an increase in customs duties for chinese imports to the value of around $ 300 billion (268 billion euros) to initiate, informed the us trade representative robert lighthizer on friday. in the night of friday, a inch increase from ten to 25 percent for goods with a value of 200 billion dollars was in force.

+++ 0.07 watch: Pentagon sends missile defense system and a ship of war in the Middle East +++

The pentagon is sending a missile defense system, and another ship of war in the middle east, to be able to according to their own statements on threats from iran to react. the acting minister of defence, patrick shanahan had agreed to the relocation of the “uss arlington” and of the patriot system in the region, informed the pentagon on friday.

The ministry had already moved the aircraft carrier “uss abraham lincoln” and a bomber squadron in the middle east and this is on the grounds that it had evidence that iran’s attacks on u.s. troops company can. to kept details about the iranian threats, the u.s. government, but covered.

The everyday fight in the most disastrous state of our time

wanted venezuelan women 30 to 45 who want an american sponsorIt makes monday night to two in caracas’ largest slum, petare, as yunni pérez, mother of three hungry children, on the hunt for something to eat. it is their daily search after food, after a single kilo of rice, but it ends as a trip into surrealism, in the end time of tropical socialism.

It starts with the fact that there are in venezuela, little food, hardly any milk and sugar, a little cooking oil or rice, and if you do, it costs a kilo of as much as 400 litres of petrol, and this is just a problem of this spent country. because of such problems as 700 percent inflation, record recession, capital flight, gang warfare, 25 000 murders per year, and you take everything together, you get, like, the most disastrous state in 2016.

But the data are abstract, when the emaciated son in front of hunger, curves and other difficult-to-sick son desperately needs medication, and yunni, 45, a mother courage of the tropics, the fridge open and tearfully admits: “there is fucking nothing there, nothing except for two immature mangoes.” as proof, she shows the certificate of a doctor, whose diagnosis does not require for their three sons with one word: “malnourished.” it sounds like a diagnosis of the whole of venezuela. corruption, mismanagement and collapsing oil prices have made one of the richest countries in latin america, a “poor house”.

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