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Ok google pictures of good looking latino girls

  • Singles ages 35 & up
  • Privacy settings
  • Affordable pricing
  • You may only send one message per person if you are on a basic account.
  • Pop up windows with graphic ads
  • Users can't message other members unless they have a paid membership
  • Good app for finding friends and dates
  • Good gender proportion
  • Good number of features available for standard members
  • Free members can’t see who like them
  • Free membership only lets you interact with premium members
  • Free users are bombarded with pop up and banner ads
  • Has a Tinder-like matching feature
  • Has all the functionalities that the desktop version has
  • The app has the same amount of features as the desktop version
  • App users can't skip most ads
  • Automatic disconnection after being inactive
  • Automatic session timeout

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ok google pictures of good looking latino girls

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Hot topics at the k 2019

The dimension of the digital networking has an influence on the success of the company. the realization of the “smart factory” is now within reach.

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In today’s time it is, the quality of materials not only be evaluated on the basis of their functionality. also sustainability is becoming increasingly important.

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Extraordinary times call for extraordinary materials. polymers can be specifically and efficiently to the application design.

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Not machines and technology, the performance of our industrialized world. at the heart of the man, caused by the knowledge, experience and progress.

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Online dating site

ok google pictures of good looking latino girlsMember coordinated member controlled! never hears the words ‘i just want to be friends again. our exclusive invite-only membership keeps the perfect balance of interests and our special adult-algorithm to find the perfect sex partner in your area. you can request an invitation and you will see why millions of adult single nationwide have switched over and found perfect casual relationships at adult with benefits. the short answer is, because we want to get it to make it easier for you to put.

Online dating is one of the most commonly used ways of our fast-paced world is to not go, unfortunately, always time and mingle, but to find love, it has so far. we are of the firm belief that everyone has the right to love and be loved.

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Curiosities from the world of single stock exchanges in 2019

Tudder app: tinder for cattle (#93)

Record: as fast pornhub has cracked the 50 million members mark! (#92)

The victoria milan-panic button (#91)

The fling-portal victoria milan has a useful function for all that want to check your messages once in the workplace, or in the vicinity of the wife. but beware – sometimes the technology hooks…!

  • The pitfalls of Victoria Milan-a panic-button

Exquisite partner in a controlled and cultivated (#90)

With our gez-fees, has come up with the bavarian broadcasting a promotional spot for “”, the elite partner is not advertising on the arm bad!

  • Exquisite Partner: Ex and hopp!

The trend goes to the second woman (#89)

After the second car and the second dog must be a second wife. a uk live muslim explains why monogamous relationships “is unsuitable as a foundation for marriage” and that polygamy has anything to do with faith, and disposition.

  • nags first wife? Just the second woman to obtain!

Online dating: virtual gifts of horror (#88)

Teddy bear, hearts, or champagne glass – a virtual gifts online dating is becoming more popular. the gifts that we have now found, however, in the case of many online-dating platform, are more likely to be evil turnoff as nice gifts.

  • Virtual gifts, don’t go!

The top 5 of the funniest commercials of the dating portals (#87)

You think dating would be a serious matter? since you have not thought of, but still on dating portals and their commercials. the top 5 of the funniest commercials of the dating sites we have listed here.

  • To ad the funniest commercials of the Dating portals

Online dating: stupid matchmaking (#86)

This is new: a special matchmaking takes care of the needs of exceptionally-animal singles, the little emotions show. by means of online dating or video dating special singles you want to convey.

  • New Dating service for Problem-Singles

Single bells: otto walkes making fun of christmas, the single exchanges (#85)

The well-known comedian otto walkes has made it to christmas 2015 this time, the single exchanges. look at his interpretation of the “single bells” – uh “jingle bells”!

  • The Christmas video of Otto!

Parship soon under a new name? (#84)

After parship was sold, you have to ask yourself whether you want to maintain the principle of a classic dating or whether you open your doors for e.g. game species away from the blümchensexes. the advertising spot that we found in the network, suggests…

  • butt-Sex-Fans now all to Parship?

Where data of holland singles? on the campsite!!! (#83)

Swedish version of the playboy bunny spotted? (#82)

Goodbye single life: love book power of advertising for you! (#81)

Annoyed by facebook advertising, you rinsed in your newsfeed? maybe you should consider it as a single soon to be advertising a little more closely – could be possibly touted your dream partner.

  • Dates by means of an ad: old school or cool?

Borat learns the data! (#80)

Applies borate, in the meantime, as an american cultural artifact? controlled sacha baron cohen, but with his very provocative representation for global headlines. how does the inventor of the borat swimming suit when it comes to dating?

  • As borate suggests, the partner Agency?

Youporn sponsers esports team (#79)

Sososo…out of the grubby corner purely in the commercial gaming world – youporn is sponsoring the spanish game group play2win.

  • Slippery jerseys for male

Bullshit bingo for blind dates with internet acquaintances (#78)

We are already wearing absurd matters. especially in the case of blind-dates our readers will see some. all of these e-mails, we took the opportunity to design a “bullshit bingo dating”. here you will find the rates are on a blind-date really inappropriate, but nevertheless, smile brought.

  • The most absurd sentences in the Blind-Date

Today, with a troll kissed? (#77)

Herzi in new york: tinder, where you look (#76)

Herzi is the designated messenger of the single stock comparison. it travels in its mission as an ambassador in the single affairs across the globe. from the flirt metropolises of this world herzi brings to the curious discoveries on the subject of online dating.

  • Herzi in New York in the Tinder-fever

Christian fitness swingers do in god’s mission (#75)

God loves, as we know, all of his sheep… and the christian fitness swingers have committed themselves to, in turn, a right peculiar to god devotion.

Their philosophy is based on three faith-pillars of christian prayer, the bodybuilding-hardened corpus religiosum, and the altruistic community, the rule of law in the swinger community.

  • Athletic Swinger of the grace of God

Tinder done for you – wiper&way for lazy people (#74)

By now, everyone has heard of tinder, and a minimum of every 2. has already loaded the free swipe-and-off-app, to check which of attractive singles have been hanging out in his vicinity.

  • No time to Tindern? Since there is a remedy!

Kuga-dating, the new trend in the uk (#73)

Con addiction (#72)

Without a doubt, a dating platform of a special kind and a great initiative by the personals page is – kudos!!

Here is cons search of all possible vintages (mostly male and from the 60s to the 90s) to a partner, with the above letter share contacts. your trifftigstes argument:

men, I have here enough about me…

Sympathetic and also a number of attractive character heads are in the process of – finally, the tough guys dreams, desires, and hobbies like everyone out there 🙂

Mathematician manipulated dating site for so long, until he finally finds the love of… (#71)

A mathematician from los angeles, has analyzed the dating portal as long as, and manipulated until he finally found his dream woman. has engaged you already. the u.s.-the tech portal reported.

The story is very sweet. the couple is very sweet. and maybe you can learn something…

  • Chris McKinlay was to crack OKcupid…

Sperm donation 2.0 online-dating mal anders… (#70)

All of the women, to whom we showed it on the twine on the head: is a meeting place for people who are not looking for partnership, but together, a child on the way want to bring. for example, lesbians or men to produce with little time and desire, but the desire for descendants.

We have logged changes.

  • you can read here, what we experienced at modamily – sperm donation 2.0…

Our trip to the nigerian romance scammers (#69)

We have spared for no cost or effort. not only that, we have even taken some risk on us and travelled into the not very politically unheikle nigeria to search on-the-spot with respect to the multi-million dollar romance-scam-mafia.

And then, after several weeks, tens of in vain best gin gezahlen money, and several guns to the head, we have caught you, but still…

  • Here you can read more of our Nigeria trip…

The international world of women in the dating the men… (#68)

ok google pictures of good looking latino girls

Somewhere in the internet, we have this nice powerpoint presentation for you dug, and in an infographic transforms.

It is a question of a supposedly american man who wants to give us his words of wisdom to women from different cultural backgrounds and first and foremost on the learning process from his perspective comes in…

  • Here’s to the ladies types of Dating International!

Personals photo of the year 2013 (#67)

Since we encountered in our tests, it is once again a real highlight – this time found on and created by the userin chelly (44).

The lady posts a profile picture that really makes ma curious! however, we have not pursued the matter no further, and cannot say therefore whether or not she is actually beautiful or not. but this is anyway in the eye of the beholder – and so much creativity actually makes per se is beautiful, right?

The dead in search of a soul mate (#66)

The particularly crazy single market, which has come up because someone is yet again: at looking for – guess – the souls of the deceased to a partner, to make the boring mind life more beautiful.

Extract from a contact to display “phantom4u” (134 years old):

well i’ve been dead since like 1902 and im SO BORED! i just wanna hang out and have fun and see what happens,not looking for anything serious. i like scaring old people, mostly because i know ill see them soon and can say just kidding or sorry. if you like to scare kids then NO THANK YOU!

The lady you should be able to help, is it?

Quite embarrassing: fling agency advertises totem politicians (#65)

Fling agencies, have like naughty poster commercials, you just grab any celebrity and a snappy slogan to serve. the fact is now victoria milan poland: the single and party chief, jaroslaw kaczynski, in this case, in addition to his cat and victoria milan, this cuddly animal:

  • “asking isn’t that bad, the bite is Missing in your relationship? Try out having an affair!” 

The cat thinks again:

  • “Why I just picked a politician?”

So far, so good. just stupid, that have taken heinis advertising instead of an image of yaroslav the of his twin brother lech. the passed a few years ago in an accident…

Nigerians mistakenly indians (#64)

The nigerian romance scam mafia dimensions of tinkers known yes hundreds and thousands of fake profiles daily, in single exchanges, the older ladies love to play, and then with a pity mesh (“had an accident, sit in the prison to help, please…”to cheat) their money. every year, the guys a bag so the eur 250 million.

In the fake profiles from the nigerians as a uniform, a widow, and very christian. the is the best. and now the joke comes: the question of skin color there is in the american the answer choices:

  • black
  • latino
  • asian
  • caucasian
  • native american

Nigerians want to be real americans and intersect, therefore, like to “native american”. this is the correct titling of indians. the name for the common white man is “caucasian”.

The single market, the heads have it easy: you delete a package, all widowed, christian indian men.

Virtual gifts, and without blood group is nothing in japan… (#63)

Recently, we visited an international online dating conference in miami and listened to, among other things, a lecture by the russian dating platform “wamba” (formerly “mamboo” and before “mamba”), which are around the earth, active and behavior in different countries compared.

It came out, for example, that the southerners tap like long mails, and intense talk, while the german and the swede is flirting very short. virtual gifts in the biligbereich send the southerners-men very often, the german man makes more targeted rather expensive virtual gifts to online chosen, while the flashy russian attacks into very expensive gift japan, again, is it an absolute duty, in the contact display indicate his / her blood group. for whatever reason… if us can tell anyone: please report!

Addendum:an attentive reader, provided us with the statement:

The Japanese believe that blood group is determined on the fate. Only the one who has the right blood group, it brings success in career and in love. Also, in Japan is of the view that the blood group of a man on his nature. So it’s no wonder that this question is in a single market is of absolute relevance.


Badoo and the train… (#62)

Our single-stock exchanges-tester a boring train journey from munich to cologne had before, as the cool new smartphone app came from badoo just right. in munich, he found around 50 ladies on the badoo-flirt-radar, including the very attractive “bibi”, “sonya”, and “carmen”. at the main station in stuttgart, it looked similar: a lot of bar goods, plus the said “bibi” from munich & her 2 friends were waiting in the radar. the same image in frankfurt and getting off in cologne.

Well, what can we learn from this? “badoo is working with fakes” is short-sighted, dear reader. the correct answer is: “the pretty ladies were in the same train!”

Dating for real men (#61)

Dear men, are you not also on the nerves that you are in a committed relationship, wash, baby wrap, and a sports show to ban threaten? and dear women, do you really want a wash cloth that can educate you to the perfect unmännlichen self-denial?

Then you should have a look over at this new french dating portal:

“rencontre” is the french word for “dating” and “macho” is explained from itself. let’s see if there are enough ladies that want to join in – then a worldwide roll-out in the way. in the case of facebook this portal definitely has 3,500 frans has, however, primarily men 😉

Due to overload closed (#60)

What we discovered in our wanderings through the single exchanges again for a beautiful profile! a man writes in the erotic meeting “first affair” the following lines:

dear ladies, thank you for the great hours! Now, I need a bit of recovery and need to rest. Please do not write me in next time.

Firstly, something would have been five years ago, unthinkable – to little women. today’s, apparently.

Secondly, we have also posted a profile – and of course, it was so interesting that it rained letters. so according to the motto: you animal! or i take my place in the queue for after the break, a…

Fakes, fakes, fakes (#59)

While online dating is cheating so much: women not really 29 years old and a “normal” figure, the men, the alleged “chief physician” and “single”…

Because it is anyway so much flunkert, there is now a “cloud girlfriend”, in april 2011, launched the single market from the united states, in which a profile of the self-tinkering, but from a self-thought fantasy person.

If two of these profiles are similar, then the two-out dater thought to meet – virtually, of course – and in its role remain. if the chemistry is right, the next step is then that the true people behind it are coming closer. because, as american scientists have found out, who harmonizes on a playful level, the mag also “in real”.

We hope that the optics disappointed…

Amish online dating (#58)

Perhaps you have already heard something of the “amish”?it is a faith community that lives very traditionally. in the u.s. state of pennsylvania, most of them live today from them – and completely withdrawn as farmers and craftsmen, who reject all modern achievements such as electricity, cars, telephone, computer or even the internet rigorously, and only 1x per year in the next town chauffeured to purchase this and that (such as paper or soap)…

…or to register for the single market “” and to find a suitable partner. paradox, it sounds but it’s true.

Seriously: it is, of course, a piss take page. here’s an entry in the section “lost the flirt, unfortunately, out of sight”:

Thou were riding en da black buggy wearing a blue shirt and black fancy pants going north past de old Lapp place. I goest north to Blue Ball mudd sale. Ve madest eye contact. If it thou tellest me…

Apple boy meets apple girl (#57)

Something beautiful from the land of unlimited possibilities: with of this kind was opened recently, a single stock exchange, exclusively intended for singles, the brand “apple”:

Meet an Apple fanboy or girl.

Of course, the design of the page is top of the line and in the apple-look’n’feel and there are of course a associated iphone app. but: this is the single stock exchange is not operated by apple but by a different company. the used but also the slogan “designed in california”

Not just a single stock exchanges work with the fakes 😉 (#56)

Every year we ask all the single exchanges, we recommend, therefore, that you like to put in return a small link to us. this e-mail will be answered in the section 0.00002% of the single exchanges-webmaster. c’est la vie…

This year, we have boring eierköppe our supplicant-e-mail sent, but quite attractive “tanja schmücker”, our new imaginary assistant for special orders. and lo and behold: the single-stock exchanges-webmaster stood in the queue! a linked within 3 minutes, and wrote “p. s.: nice photo!”. about 20 other handles directly to the handset – but there was miss schmücker, unfortunately, already re-released – uh, in the coffee break…

The american leader would have almost been expelled from the city (#55)

In the united states dominated for many years, especially in a christian partner agency “e-harmony-minded online”. recently, the company moved and all employees to santa monica (california) and would almost fly out from the new home! an old act of 1950 prohibits the operation of dating agencies within the santa monica city limit. background at the time: since prostitution was prohibited, and disguised many of the escort services as a “partner-switching”.

The law has now been abolished in the short term – the new taxpayer for the sake of…

Pürshüp – a 1:1 copy from turkey (#54)

As we were amazed, as us from the circles of the single stock exchange bosses have an internet address of turkish origin, was called:

This is almost a 1:1 copy of an older version of parship. well, the boys from the bosphorus, not to copy just clothes 😉

Own thing: 1 billion times (#53)

Friendly portals or anywhere else our little “single exchanges are based on comparison”-banner and information displayed thus, we also have many cute readers singles on our website and all the work is not in vain do.

Recently, we looked at the counter: our website name has been displayed since the inception in 2002/2003, more than a billion times on other sites! so every german internet has it-a surfer in the middle-25x

It can be seen proud of…that makes a little bit 😉

The best profile picture of all time… (#52)

…we have a “clean side”-blog found. without words.

Unfortunately, it will not be sorted out in the most portals for the life partner, because it conforms to the guidelines.

Now also in poland… (#51)

The numbers to the online dating, which we publish annually, have spoken now even to poland around. unfortunately, we understand in that article that was released on largely just a train station:

Serwisy takie moga you pochwalic Wielka skutecznoscia. Badanie rynku przeprowadzone przez Singlebö wykazalo, ze ponad 6 milionom Niemców udalo you znalezc partnera przez internet. Do maja 2007 roku prawie 2,6 milionów z these zwiazków przetrwalo.

Can you help us?

Addendum:as we know our readers: always helpful and fast! marcin h. sent us by mail the translation:

“40% of all singles in europe the right, or the right look with the help of the keyboard and mouse. single portals in the network are in germany, austria and switzerland of about 12 million. people used, in germany alone, about seven million people search for love on the net. behind the or (quasi-west of the or border), there are over 2500 different agencies that deals with the matchmaking of couples.

These services can boast a high level of effectiveness. the exploration of the market(single market) carried out showed about singlebö to find that it is about managed 6 million germans with a partner over the internet. until may 2007, 2.6 million of these relationships.”


The separation outsource (#50)

Anyone who has already made it through a few times, the white, that it is at least as challenging to separate how to find a partner…

But the annoying breakup and subsequent activities (pick things up/throw out, locks exchange, etc.) you can outsource, more recently, easy to service agencies such as (page deleted). where they tailor an individual package for you and performs the necessary steps in your behalf.

Kelly hildebrandt marries kelly hildebrandt (#49)

As the mirror reported, brought together the internet is a unusual couple. both have the same name: kelly hildebrandt.the florida girl kelly katrina hildebrandt (20) looked at facebook out of boredom after the members and found only one – kelly carl hildebrandt (24) from texas. the two chat and chatted, and met and fell in love.

Marriage is, the young man has already stopped the hand.

Conspiracy theorist (#48)

Each year we receive about three emails of this type:

“i’ve been trying to get me in the single market log. but this is not at all, because the always say, my e-mail address is wrong/because i get no mail with the confirmation link/because each time you attempt to log in, my pc crashes/because… has no members, because you can’t log in at which. and you are stuck with them, because you claimed that you had tested – but how, if you can’t log in at all?! now i have caught you!”

From us, you can us that we would be set for a huge big pile of money in a bad dating place 1. but, dear conspiracy theorist: why the fuck we should recommend a single exchange, when you can’t log in? neither we nor the corresponding portal would have the slightest advantage of this method.

Only a few models of explanation that are more likely to:

  • PC/Browser issues
  • invalid email address
  • confirmation mail of the single market has landed in your spam filter
  • even in the spam filter of the single market (by Cookie or IP ban)

So to be honest, the german (#47)

ok google pictures of good looking latino girls

A brand-new study of the top management consultancy mckinsey has been working on this, how honest the germans are, when it comes to your income. are the following chart came out:

Morocco – the land of hard work (#46)

A few years ago, the message caused a nationwide sensation, the good old north sea crab is no longer in germany, but for reasons of cost in morocco is gepuhlt. the back and forth is a gap in terms of cost is probably less dramatic than the salary.

Now, we have found that the dating site meetic manages the review of over 10,000 personals photos in the same way: to morocco so that! thereafter, however, looked back on it. twice to be precise.

Desperate act (#45)

ok google pictures of good looking latino girls

Imagine you have a single market and none comes. what to do? we have found this to be a commercial ad, which was abandoned by a desperate bavarian programmer at alabama:

So he wants to buy just the members…

How this works with the single stock market spammers… (#44)

There are rogue sms-date lines, and 0900-numbers, the want to exclude with fake women and men. and there are reputable dating sites that are hijacked by these black sheep as a decoy platform.

But who’s playing all these “ramona’s” and “yvette’s”, the “can’t deal with the pc as well and by sms under 828282 accessible”?

Answer: people in home-based work. and companies such as the “” to advertise on your site, open a new animation staff: “your profiles will get their own welcome by elections… everyone, the erotic mails like to write… you earn money, but pay nothing…”

Hat off before so much audacity!

The spiders, the british! (#43)

From more or less reliable source is a new trend from london tweets: speed hating.

The process is probably similar to speed dating, but rather for people who have simply tired of dating always of your chocolate show. therefore, the speed-hating to let his anger run free and good puking up, especially if you find the ‘to stupid.

Is much more honest than the sanctimonious “i would like you to learn totally like to get to know, but…”

An alternative… (#42)

In the context of our e-mail advice, we had frequent contact with jürgen k., the online has been contacted by all sorts of ladies, who were all his best – namely, his money.

So first, nothing is’ – but the man is not truly fallen to the head:

“thank you for your info! so with the jaunty ladies who send unsolicited mails, so it is also a fake. i thought so and have already sent to the lucky never anywhere coal. if this continues and nothing helps, i’ll buy at beate uhse, a woman to inflate ….”

New rip-off inside-mesh (#41)

The what are the russian chicks in internet dating for years (“you’re great love. you send $1000. i will buy ticket and come to you to germany…”), is trying, increasingly, of women’s made in germany.

Several large single stock exchanges, reports of a rogue couple from wuppertal, germany:

“currently driving a lady and her live-in partner in our single market to mischief. the lady flirts with the men, and when men are in love, comes the whiny tour… they had a small daughter who needs on the basis of a hüftoberation a wheelchair… but this will cost 1,700 euros, and you would have only 1420 euros… we know of 7 male customers who have paid to…”

So, dear gentlemen: be vigilant!

Friends help in the search for a partner (#40)

The austrian, roland h. is hunting along with his friends for a suitable partner for his friend. as far as nothing out of the ordinary.

But now it gets exciting: he called the page “ (in the meantime deleted)” to the 15,000 flyers printed, and several sponsors pulled according to the motto:

Help us to find a great guy for the right woman! Apply here, if You’re the right one! Psssst, he knows nothing of it!

We’ll see how things develop…

Yes, the sheiks… (#39)

Is not the other day on a business trip in dubai: available!

The site you are attempting to visit has been blocked due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political or moral values of the United Arab Emirates.

(the page you attempted to access has been blocked because of content that speak to the religious, cultural, political, or moral values of the u. a. e. to resist.)

Should just like no one in the united arab emirates knut or drink, is allowed the viewing of dirty pages.

Simple rule: “dating = dirty”. the “site blocked”-note also there, if you would like to call on the single stock exchange the reputable partner agency or similar – abenteuer18/first affair anyway.

About 10,000 germans living in dubai are affected. but the surf anyway with a proxy-server, and around fake your way around the censorship.

The internet: just let others pay! (#38)

As irene hübner, the boss of was amazed not bad: from your account money has been debited – for a premium membership at friendscout24, you allegedly completed. but she had not at all.

What had happened? a naughty friendscout24-user had just given their bank account details, instead of his own! so he is not saved, only money, but revenge is also nice (was not satisfied).

We can do it all now? for the next books-order, the money for the stupid telekom charge (for the account you will find on your phone bill)? the malle-leave your current group pays just once (which is anyway expensive)? and so on and so forth…

If you are interested in the topic: a lot of fun to do – we can’t help unfortunately. of us have advised our lawyer.

Yes, the japanese… (#37)

Recently, we were 10. birthday of the single market datingcafé invited. after the official part there was a large single party with 1,000 datingcafé members from all over germany.

In a corner were mini speed dates held:3 singles à 3 minutes. we observed a middle-aged gentlemen from japan. every time a new lady at his table came, immortalized it with his camera phone…

Pregnant after sexauktion – but who was it? (#36)

Also this story is kind of online dating, but what can you say to that? the mirror reports:

“stuttgart – it is a crude mixture of anonymity, prostitution and tragedy: six men, the to buy on the internet a sex mate. a woman who provides the sex-auction several times. and a yet unborn child, fathered by one of the men. then the lady pulls out in front of the court, to learn the identity of the potential producer because she knows only the network-nick name of your beischläfer…”

As soon as we have found out the name of the platform, we supplement this post, of course!

And again adultfriendfinder… (#35)

Who brings new paying customers, of a commission earned as an insurance representative. to do this, you get a special link that you can then on its website or in e-mails (“hey, come on //!”).

So far, so good. but here’s the thing: a subtle german has been created in the year 2007 just a few hundred women’s profiles in the free community “” and then, thousands of men wrote:

Hi, I’m the sharp, Heike. Pictures and Videos of me can be found on…

Then us$62.507,74, of the good called “gran canaria blogger”, has taken the…

Religious singles wonder… (#34)

There was once a small us or the uk stock exchange name there are so perverts to make themselves known always, were banished hand . and then you founded a number of other single exchanges, such as, for example, in the meantime, 500,000 of christian singles have registered.

Many years later: the people are poor. you like the scruffy adultfriendfinder prefer and make it the biggest dating portal in the world.

That’s why bought the penthouse the entire friendfinder network. and hundreds of thousands of christian singles confidence from this day on  in the life partner an erotic group. if they knew the…

New fetish: nettle games (#33)

Webmasters who do not maintain their personals portals regularly such boys were quickly into their members database:

What is the young lady interested in tormenting my most sensitive parts of the body with stinging nettles and to get a bag of money?

We have asked around in the circle of friends: no. at least hats, no added. even when we “bag of money” against the “monthly wage” shall be replaced and “nettles” against “nail board” 😉

Great quote to online dating (#32)

Many singles experience in their hundreds of dates with the internet, the strangest things have been acquaintances. to do this, sandra cone of

The hierarchies and traditions laid-off person, so much seems clear, sees itself compelled to organize its social contacts alone, and in high performance. The desire for non-commitment and independence and the longing for closeness and exclusivity mingle sometimes the strangest.

A true core, is it?

Us-datingsite-parody (#31)

Annoyed by the “free” and “safe” online dating portals has created an ami, the following parody to life:

Extract from the privacy policy:

“your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.we reserve the right, your data to resell.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.your privacy is important to us.”

Look carefully, you will discover the error?

Finally: the ‘tempo’ dedicated to the topic of online dating! (#30)

In the 80s and 90s, the “pace” together with the “titanic” is the funniest satire magazine at all. (the title image to the right comes, unfortunately, from the “titanic.”)

In the last issue reported by the author, michele red in detail of their attempt to organize themselves via the internet, a one-night-stand – a fun, we don’t want to deprive them, in spite of not quite youth the word of free choice… title: “click me!” – what do you mean, you can think of 😉 absolutely worth it! read

  • Tempo article on Online Dating read this!

Since you can talk, of course, the mouth… (#29)

ok google pictures of good looking latino girls

In our counselor-articles on online dating, we have repeatedly pointed out that it brings nothing, if you look at the courtship of rich, intelligent, beautiful, makes, as it is – at some point s on the fly’anyway.

The following is a promotional spot for a well-known photo-editing software makes our beautiful work of enlightenment completely destroyed: (#28)

The the world’s largest portal for find ads about 25 million members from over 100 countries, speak a clear language. click here to see our adultfriendfinder test!

Recently converted a brilliant pranksters from new zealand the whole of the sheep:

The whole the original is really very similar, only the search criteria are easily adapted: “1:1 sheep or multiple sheep?” – “shaved or unshaved?” after all, to 30,000 sheep for the nooner registered!

If you want to be this funny, but not quite adult site, please tap the following link in your browser: (unsuitable for children!).

E-mail invoice without an order (#27)

We write the spring of 2007. millions of germans found the following email in your inbox:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,thank you for your registration you have angemedet for our paid partner. 210,- euro be paid to your account for a one-year contract to load.

We will email you all of the partner-seekers from your area twice a week. remove your account and access your profile to the below annex. please carefully read and in case of a discrepancy contact us. for reading, no additional program is needed.

If the registration was carried out by a third party without your consent, execute, without delay, the listed in the annex abmeldevrogang from. the contradiction is, according to our general terms and conditions within two weeks in writing is permissible. a copy of the invoice will be sent to you in the next few days by post.


– pool gmbh, aachener straße 7, 50674 köln

Three times you may guess what that is: of course the single market “ has to do” nothing to do with the thing. behind any spam artists from abroad that have been hiding in the annex of the mail a so-called trojan virus plug in.

You should have the appendix open – you moron!! – then your pc is a zombie now in the hands of the hacker mafia, and is controlled for all sorts of criminal purposes remote. to send, for example, to the next 10,000 spam e-mails…

New profession: model pair (#26)

On the right of the picture you can see marion and thomas from bremen. marion and thomas met at meetic, are a happy couple and common talent is already there.

Sometimes, meetic organizes events to fit a couple good. the then told how it was at meetic: marion and thomas.

The last run of marion, and thomas was at the presentation of the”meetic 2.0″ in paris, the city of love. there, the two others on olga & sergio (flagship pair of meetic spain), valerie and jacques (meetic france), as well as the counterparts from england, sweden, italy, poland and the netherlands met. task: in the evening represent, with a few reporters are chatting, and the next day a beautiful stroll through the city to make…

Great new world, right? time

see where it takes the two of them the next Time…

Jessica s. is so prominent that you can only relax when online dating! (#25)

This message is haunted just by the press:

Addicted to online dating

Jessica simpson betrayed now, in an interview that she is addicted to online dating. so you could look for a man who cares for you and only you and not for your celebrity. after her last relationship and her marriage to nick lachey didn’t, have you tried it according to the “viply” with dating sites on the internet. meanwhile, you are hanging constantly in front of the box and flirt with the unknown. you enjoy the anonymity offered by the net and the more you have in real life on the road.

Well, the worries we want to have…

Sms rip-off to a new strategy: women bait with rig-romance (#24)

The whole comic sms services with your animators have on men, hot ramona’s, natasha’s and yvonne’s “totally private” by 1,99€sms to 123456 want to know, and thus on the cheap fakes will fall, so far, to the point of idiocy deserves a: roughly 100 million euro estimated to be in the last 5 years!

But now the boys have a new target: to earn stupid and dumb. how? by harassing the other half of humanity, as a reader reported that is still totally green behind the ears:

Have a question because i care about my friend very much…you got mail (in the case of a telnr, under which the alleged man would reach only because he would stay on an oil rig where he can reach at the moment, only the no. 45454 would be – for 1,99 €. it was because otherwise no connection to the rig is. in the meantime i found out that this is no the a company, the premium sms services. can it be possible that my girlfriend fell for a scammers?

Kind regards,andrea

Well, there is the love andrea – oh no: your girlfriend 😉 probably one of the first ladies, which has been in the fingers of the sms rip-off…we are excited to see how things develop! so far, it was actually the fact that these services can only work because men think with the….

Soon, cybersex in single exchanges? (#23)


Even further, the developers of “naughty america” (“naughty america, according to “new scientist””), by linking the cybersex with partnership exchanges: subscribers should then fill in as in the case of the conventional online dating a questionnaire about the desired partner. after that, could have their avatars with each other sex, before the two real people behind it themselves.

This is not a romantic notion? we can test our self-thought online lot of the characters to each other, in order to test our “sexual compatibility”…

Bet you will not find a single male cybersex-alternates with less than 20cm in the pants? and bet that the all of the hours duchhalten?

Attention ladies: a single-comic book presents itself… (#22)

A big exception: we have the “ad” of the singles present!

The search for a partner, namely a whole “contact folder”, all drawn in comic style. the at friendscout24 & co., of course, bad publish. but at us.

  • The cool personals-comic strip-part ads!

Real despair… (#21)

The following e-mail showed up in our editorial:

More likely to meetic administration!

I am member from 08.2005. my pseudo xxx. i live in moscow. today, i can’t go on meetic enter to. why? that is only for russia or any other reason? can i chat more on and contact? please wait answer. on meetic – the whole of my life and friends. and today i lost everything.


Before the lady was going to kill himself, we care about our direct wire-to-meetic-germany-in-chief christian köhler for improvement!

Now it is official: men are pigs. (#20)

Web sites where women and men keep to future partners, look out, there are as the sand of the sea (we reported on this…). the former columnist tasha joseph, however, has other plans. on your website “” (“make-it-better-not-girl”), women are warned of certain men.

Women can create anonymous profiles about men who have been in their eyes as the pure case. with detailed descriptions are should avoid why women certain men prefer.

A lawyer from pennsylvania, to put up with this offer. in view of the occasion: it is occupied on the site from three women with ugly allegations:

  • He is said to have venereal diseases.
  • An apron hunter.
  • Constantly wear dirty clothes.

The good sued, therefore, the operator of the website. especially the imbalance excites him: while women are allowed to spread their accusations, immediately and anonymously, men can only send an e-mail to the operator. the warnings in front of the lawyer from pennsylvania were called within a few months over 20,000 times.

Phishing for compliments (#19)

Who has an e-mail account, the spam mails are sure the so-called nigeria-connection up:

Hello, I am king of XY from Nigeria. The army pushed me out of my Palace. Please send $20,000 so I can finance the way back to the Crown. Then I will give you $1,000,000!

The s is now in a modified form, also allegedly in the online dating world: a single speaks to you and it is terribly in love. after a few emails or chats you will be offered a meeting. and shortly before the diaper is soft-packaged rip-off-action:

  • then comes”I had not insured a bad accident, and I am, unfortunately, sick. Please help me!”
  • “I can’t pay for the train ride next weekend, since I had to help out my sick sister. Please lend me!”

This is a creative form of begging, is it?protect can be easy way. think…

Celebrities and online dating (#18)

If you like the magazine bunte believe, was the online daterin claudia k. (44) alias “a hell of a woman” (as your profile on friendscout24) was quite surprised when her blind date, jörg alias “marbella” at the first meeting in the kempinski hotel as the sports moderator jörg wontorra turned out to be. it landed rather quickly in the box, but we’ll spare us the details…

Be prepared so that not only the “otto-normal-the singles” go on the internet to search for a partner, but also real stars and starlets! mostly, of course, undercover.

We ran the test during the last 3 years, only b-listers on the way, including a tennis professional, a german champion in judo, a radio speaker and even with an image – someone from the 1. big-brother-season.

Perhaps we will set up soon a signpost where on the net just what is the celebrity on the partner is stalking. free to wontis old tv show “please register!”…

Reality: online marriage (#17)

Some internet searches for a partner to get to know and everything will take place normally but as an emperor in real life.

Around 16% of those who are with someone from the internet, specify: “yes, we fell in love already when chatting/emailing each other.” as always, the work may…

But what the orf reported here, is really a cracker:

To have an indonesian couple has now been married for the first time in an online ceremony, without ever previously met. the couple learned not only the internet, but also married the same via the web – without ever before in the real world.

A muslim cleric of the online live ceremony on thursday, beige and declared lawful, reported the bride-to-rita sri mutiara dewi. dewi met her future working as a physiotherapist in california, a few months ago in an internet chat room know. there is a regular contact by e-mail and telephone, developed. in november, the 52-year-old wiriadi then made the request, of course, over the internet. now the two want to meet each other finally: for february, dewi has a trip planned in the united states.

The meeting can omit the two actually, but also the same, is it?

Real subculture! (#16)

For about a year we had in our section “special single exchanges” the page “”, a free personals portal of the band “fucked up” with around 10,000 alternative, punks, skinheads, and other unconventional youth-subkulturisten in the database.

Then, we received the following mail from the webmaster:

Please delete our entry. We are now well-known as we as the Underground side actually wanted to be. Therefore, we restrict our advertisements and links again.

This is cool! the guys seems to be “more members = more selling fucked up to be music = more money” really don’t care. it is important that the underground idea is alive. where does all of this today?

Keyword ‘consciousness of injustice’ (#15)

A single recently paid his 3-month-premium-subscription in the case of a large single market by direct debit. after the amount has been debited, as agreed, from his account, he instructed his bank to cancel the money transfer but prefer not to.

The single market to hooked of course, and received the following statement:


Actually, i’m not interested in a membership with them. and i would like to announce then, too.i have found my love in you on the page,therefore i need the premium membership even more.



Well, that’s about the same as if you were dining in a restaurant, and then with the explanatory memorandum on the bill, they were, after all, already tired…

Horse-trading: single stock exchanges in india (#14)

Horse-trading: single stock exchanges in indienbei around 1 billion inhabitants and more than 50 million internet users on the topic of “online dating” went to india without a trace over. so far, so good – but now the hammer:

The indian single is not selfishness, but the parents take the matter in hand, and mould their young to save yourself!search criteria, such as “hobby” and “favorite book” are less in the foreground is mediated on the basis of hard facts such as the box-membership, social status, income, and education.

Keyword ‘creativity’ (#13)

In our how to articles a good contact display we have been tinkering with lively, to take a few minutes to an individual text for your advertisement think. there you will find also a few examples of successful formulations, for example:

You Are also a communicative and life-loving person? I would be happy to know Your ideas and dreams to experience them later, maybe once together…

You would not believe how often this text during the test, in the meantime, is met. probably hundreds of singles have now copied this passage in your contact display (enter this in google…).

A bit more individuality and creativity, please! it is the dream partner!

New channel of distribution for the eastern bloc-cigarettes (#12)

The customer support of the single market “” not amazed, as a female member of the mass following “flirting mail” verse

Hello ended:!

Do you smoke? 🙂 do you want to usgeben the money on the cigarettes significantly less vera? i offer the cigarettes “marlboro,” lucky strike “, “r1”, “winston”, “camel”, “lm”, “kent”, “chesterfield”, “west”, ” slim sine “, “slims”… or tell that is interesting to you! delivery from ukraine by post. security! if you are interested, please write e-mail: [email protected] kind regards from the ukraine.


Two men had incidentally sent is actually money. if you have ever received duty-free goods???

Fraudulent sales trick (#11)

In the course of our single stock tests we had deleted [name of the portal, otherwise, we are created sued again…] a female profile called “dbddhkp28”.

Then we registered ourselves as a man under “dbddhkp27” and immediately received an invitation in the paid chat. by whom? have a guess: by “dbddhkp28″…

So, our “dbddhkp28” has not invited the “dbddhkp27” certainly!it is a technical, and fraudulent trick, by the provider, to move men to pay.

Rest assured: if we expose a single exchange, so beautiful, then she is not listed with us, definitely!

The ability to take criticism (#10)

The editors of our website took in her grin-corner:

Site protects singles in front of yourselfand other hazards…and advises to “various activities in togetherness”

If you can in this dark time – in the fine-dust-fog heide – killer wabern-still trust someone, then you, henning wiechers, makers of! because you have to protect a mission: to “singles in front of it to lose a lot of money and time with a directory] directory and bauer vessels from the single-scene”. small eduard zimmermann, you!

And there is much to do, you would-single-tüv! finally, you have calculated your market, chances are high, there are 11 million of german singles. and you want to trough, of course, in front of partner intermediaries, dialer-trappers and ukraine-smugglers keep. and probably black widows, which go online to catch men. unfortunately, not meta-single-sites.

You, henning wiechers, know at least one thing: “even those among us, the fixed commitments to avoid, to indulge their beloved independence, periodically need a friendly for various activities in togetherness.”

Different activities in togetherness, in regular intervals, mr wiechers? the same can be said of concrete. you have tickled but in a survey of 1025 sympathetic and users of your sympathetic service out of every four who had agreed to meet via the internet with a sympathetic to a blind date, ended up with this in the box. to indulge then of course again the “beloved independence.”

Now henning wiechers is also clear, why you have so little time. because, as you write in the section ‘about us’: “we put a lot of time and effort in the tests, to be able to give you the optimum single exchanges recommend. our hobby turned into last time, but in all our investigations, we have had incredibly a lot of funny experiences. just think of all the blind dates”. oh!

We wanted to give you criticism, we are not able to be withheld, such as – of course!however, it should be noted that our reviews are based now on more objective criteria than the self-test. the uh was in fact so much of the substance that we are now glad to be in a “lover’s addiction” then, the idea you’re alive – –  to life.

Us-special-single exchanges (#9)

In our special dating services has arrived, yes, in the meantime, the other one is thematically very special portal, but of course this is again just a children’s birthday party compared to the country of the unlimited possibilities and the online dating portals, the one over there “” are:

  • truck driver-Online-Dating
  • wine connoisseurs-single stock exchange
  • Flower Power-personals
  • a vegetarian to Fall in love
  • for religious Gays

This list could continue as long as desired, e.g. us-code-learning-portals for members of the military, elite university graduates, frequent flyer, the rothaar-fetishist…but you can overdo it.

Please 1x russian to the view (#8)

Since we didn’t really know whether we should laugh or cry, as us the following e-mail from a frank p. reached. more likely to cry:


I was living until a couple of weeks before ne thai woman from a mediation with me. is not gutgewesen and was also quite expensive. this has already started with the cooking. full on the stomach.

How do i get the easiest way to get a wife from russia? less is not so demanding. maybe it’ll work there better.

Frank p.

A dream of mankind: man is playing a woman (#7)

At the beginning of 2004, as the members of have not yet been supervised intensively by one of the editors of””, there was still a lot of wild growth.

Among some men a real competition, who manages flared up, to get hold of a fake woman’s profile, most of the letters of sex enjoyed. the results were of course released directly in the contact display instead of a photo of the screenshot from the inbox.

Won, to our knowledge, “the french love cologne”, brought it up to 2.110 received letters. now cleaned up however powerful.

Purpose of marriage mediation (#6)

One of our readers asked us via e-mail the following question:

you Convey the Purpose of marriages between Germans and Americans? I am currently in the USA and looking for a pure marriage of convenience with a German for the purpose of the residence permit. If not, suggest me something!

Unfortunately, we do not know more exactly what we have proposed…

How to parship, only more expensive… (#5)

As parship, only more expensive…who suffers most, that, in the meantime, 4.6 million german (2004) on the internet dating have to go?

Of course, the classic part nerve mitter (“marriage institute sunshine” & amp; co.), for which the customers in droves to run.the industry-it seems to go really bad: recently, the boss of one of the partners, mediation associations contacted us and wanted desperately to on the internet. your ideas:

This Parship I found quite good. However, we would take a lot higher prices. How does something like this? What do I do?

A couple of interesting classical partner mediators, we have found in the net and tested!

Want to quick money with the own a single stock market (#4)

Who nowadays, get rich quick, does not need to drill more as it used to uncomfortable for oil, or searching for gold. it is much easier and – thanks to the internet – from the desk of:

  • costs for the address “” back up (less than 100,-€ per year)
  • a ready-to-buy software and create there own Logo to install
  • afloat a couple of attractive Fake women
  • set up free advertising in any Internet forums, spamming or target audience
  • women-profiles in other Dating sites to go hunting: “You can find me at peters-mega single-Boerse-de!”

We have found on ebay tens of different ready-to-software-offer. 199,-€ for a “workable” solution, you are.risks and nebenwirk lungs:

  • It could go many, many others: you will never break the 100-members barrier.
  • The other Dating sites, in which you can go to the members of hunt, sue you because of “unfair competition”.
  • In the forums where you advertise, your “top-Service” mercilessly bad.

Single exchange vs. single exchange comparison (#3)

About once per week we receive such e-mails:

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to ask you to delete my ad. since i do not have me registered with them. my ex – partner has this done for me to me a to be evaluated. i could not even tell you under what i should be. but my landline number is seemingly specified, and i would never do such a thing. it should be found under the name “justina” to.



Again and again, to any people of us, we will delete your ad with us. hello, wake up! we are a single stock market comparison, and just have pages that you can read.

If you click on a link that takes you to a single exchange. there you can sign up and a contact display switch. and, in the case of a single exchange, when you are logged in, you have to log out then back in.not with us!

Or you have to send the broken vacuum cleaner, with the request to repair to the stiftung warentest???

Own thing: plagiarism (#2)

As we went in january 2003 with at the start, we are entering entirely new territory. previously, there were in germany only some banners and link lists on the topic.

We were definitely the first who took the trouble to test single stock exchanges nights and to publish the results.we must have done our job really well, because she is incredibly often copied. by “copied” we mean not our idea, but our test results.

Most of our “competitors” have written down your content to 80% in us and – depending on taste – easy or a little more changed. here a sentence, there a sentence…

As will be used by us invented concepts users or directly all the result tables (e.g., “”).

When we started in the autumn of of 2004 and in life, it took barely two weeks, and already our imitators had tightened – of course, in turn, with our test results,…

We are pleased, however, that our tests are ennobled by their wide dissemination””. and we would like to see the “competitors” really is a little bit more creativity!

And, dear “competitors”: the simple to write off you stay stupid and no experts will win unfortunately, knowledge and understanding of what is out there in the world of dating in front of.

Or to say it with a famous quotation:

Who runs the herd, eats the shit, not the Grass 😉

The practical for you, dear readers:you can save yourself the visit of our “competition”, because there you will not find much new…

Update: this entry is from the year 2004. now we have arrived in 2006 and include a total of 25 single stock comparison-imitators. the only one we appreciate, a little, is

The first contact indicator and the first matchmaking… (#1)

In 1727 was helen morrison, an old maid, in the newspaper “manchester weekly journal” the first documented contact display.

It was promptly plugged in for 4 weeks in a nut house…

When we finally found out when the first contact display on the internet is published, we will report it here immediately. promised!

The first documented dating service henry robinson am29 opened. september, 1650, in london, under the name of “office of addresses and encounters” (office of addresses and encounters). sir john catherine dimly, one of the first customers, wanted to “conclude a contract of marriage with a young fau to”.

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