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lao singles usa

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lao singles usa

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Lego in the crisis: “we believe in the power of the klötzchens”

lao singles usaThe toy giant lego to dance to good news with joy and singing celebrate. as of 2015, as the company’s ceo jørgen vig knudstorp in a statement to journalists, the lego song “everything is awesome” (everything is super) blared.because everything is super in the danish city of billund was. three years later, the exuberance is little remained.

“in 2017 was, in many respects, a challenging year, and we are not satisfied with our financial result,” said the current lego ceo niels christiansen. the experienced manager has taken over in the autumn of the scepter and must announce at the time of its first balance sheet for the same bad news. after twelve years of strong growth, sales declined in 2017, to eight percent. the net profit actually contracted by 17 per cent to 7.8 billion danish crowns (around 1.05 billion euros).

“we believe truly in the power of the klötzchens,” says christiansen, almost defiantly, clearly. children and parents would have purchased the 2017 international as many lego bricks as 2016. the revenue had decreased, because the toys stores would have first sold their overfull storage empty before you ordered new.

The strong growth since the mid-2000s, is chief financial officer marjorie lao referred to as unnatural. from 2004 to 2016, lego had increased six-fold its sales after a severe crisis, more than.

Now norma the situation itself. a damper had been announced already in the summer: lego had made a substantial investment in production and administration, but much less is sold than expected. the danes strokes therefore 1400 jobs – eight per cent of the entire workforce.

The block-giant sets, among other things, the digital competition in the children’s room. especially in the home market of the europe and in the usa it is not running. good growth opportunities the company sees in china, where the sales numbers rose sharply. in 2018, we will concentrate even more on the middle east and north africa, announced christiansen.

In the local nursery wants to take lego to the competition with computer and internet, and even digital be. “digitisation offers huge possibilities,” said marketing boss julia wants to bring more simple robot out of the can already build younger children. on a social platform, you should get construction projects and your own lego-able parts models. the digital lego-channels have already reached 7.5 million customers.

What actually deserves to be a bus driver?

lao singles usaThe bus is lucky, now he can curves extra tracks by the rush-hour downtown. while the commuters coming from the body, rolls to the articulated forward. it is jam-packed, free seats, there is no more and in the course the people are pushed closely. in children, blaring car, a baby, some passengers chat, others on the telephone, the teens in the back seat listening to loud music over the phone. between the stress of the street and the corridors of the workplace of the bus driver is. he needs good nerves, both for its passengers as well as because of the traffic participants. he is rewarded for it appropriately?

According to the merit platform “” earn the bus driver, on average, 1830 to 2462 euro. the differences in income associated with the experience of the driver. jobeinsteiger get a month approximately 1800 euros gross. drivers who are under 30 years of age, and the job no longer exercise, earn around 2000 euro.

Four-dollar-oven for better climate

lao singles usaEveryone has a share of the climate change on his way to his. the industrial countries, the developing countries less. probably behind every single one of the participants of the climate conference on bali alone for his flight to the conference with a deeper carbon dioxide-track than any of the poor people in the villages of cambodia. but though the villagers do not fly through the history of the world, hardly any electrical power and almost no fossil fuels burn, they contribute by a simple, necessary daily work to the carbon dioxide load of the atmosphere: the cooking. is cooked traditionally on tonöfen, which are fired with wood coal. for the production of charcoal and the forests are being cut down. the forest is as a carbon eater is indispensable.

The problem back to the cambodians now with the “new-laos-to the body furnace,” an energy – and fuel-saving further development of the traditional lao stove. that looks like a thick-walled bucket made of clay. the bottom of the charcoal comes in. the wok sits on top of the three studs on the edge of the furnace. finished the stove. the french environment and climate protection organisation, geres developed the “new lao stove” (nls) looks hardly different than the old model. but it consumes a quarter less charcoal and through the more effective use of the heat, the cooking time is shorter. with a lifetime of about four years, he also holds more than twice as long.

A micro-loan for the new oven

The disadvantage, however, is that it is more expensive than the old oven for one and a half us dollars, the unofficial currency of cambodia, to. the nls but costs four dollars more than people in a country can make, where a teacher earns $ 30 a month. but also for the problem geres has found a solution. “we arrange for the difference amount of micro-loans from the world bank,” said nop polin climate protection department at geres cambodia. “the numbers can people easily and quickly with the money back, the saving in the expenditure for charcoal.”

The new laos stoves are also a good deal for the stove producers. “since then, i produce also furnaces new-laos-has improved my business,” says kung sok, an oven burner in the village of tadu. the nls-know-how have taught the geres experts kung sok. nop polin said: “we train local companies to produce these things and bring it to market. this development-oriented technology transfer combines development aid and environmental protection.”

Wood vinegar as a fertilizer

lao singles usaThe projects the organization geres developed together with the municipalities. nop polin: “so the projects can be tailored to the specific circumstances, the people identify more easily with it and get a sharper awareness of their environment.” one such project is the charcoal burning and the plantation, the geres has initiated in the vicinity of tadu. in the plantations of fast-growing trees such as eucalyptus or acacia trees are drawn, which are then processed in geres developed energy-efficient köhlereien to charcoal. each failed tree will be replaced immediately. sombok, the forestry of geres cambodia, says: “we have to make sure that the forest is properly used, and be cut down and the wood comes only from plantations of fast-growing wood species. wild wood we can not accept.”

In the charcoal is produced as a by-product of wood vinegar. very simply put this black sludge is fluidized steam generated during the köhler process. the broth is stored for up to four months in barrels until the tar has the bottom and the wood in bold above sold. the liquid in-between is the actual wood vinegar, which smells and tastes like just any charcoal smoke from the barbecue in the garden smells and tastes. after a purification and distillation process of the wood vinegar can be used as a spice in cooking, as mosquito protection, and especially as an organic fertilizer.

In the coming year to begin geres with the development of the market for wood vinegar in cambodia. the incentive for the köhler is remarkable. the production of wood vinegar is a little labor intensive, but profit by the previous waste product: 200 liters of wood, bring vinegar to a minimum of $ 100, such as the markets in neighboring countries such as thailand, where there is wood vinegar for a long time. wood vinegar creates additional income and can help in the fight against poverty.

Climate-neutral design hotel

lao singles usaSo far, geres, for the financing of its projects was dependent on the support of the eu and other organisations. a new source of income but through the sale of carbon offset certificates opened. you already control about 40 percent of the budget. recent customer for the carbon dioxide allowances the company’s food and beverage solutions (fabs) is. “we are the first kohlendioxideutrale restaurant and hotel chain,” says fabs spokeswoman mini sure on it. among the fabs-operated the legendary “foreign correspondents club” in phnom penh, for many years the meeting place for journalists, aid workers and tourists in the cambodian capital. as of february 2008, the luxurious quay hotel – thanks to the climate protection expertise of geres co2 is counting neutral as well. for geres, the quay hotel is the pilot project for a seal of approval that is supposed to work like the well-known hotel stars. only, there is not information about the comfort of a hostel, but on its environmental and climate sustainability. thus, each can reduce its carbon dioxide traces. the villagers with the new laos stove and holidaymakers with the carbon neutral stainless hostel of your choice.

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