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“the greatest caution”

hungarian girls in rochesterCleaning products emsal nanotec dissolves when the floor on the parquet floor, the tiny dwarfs to work. sit in the wind, in all joints, fixed clamps and not a drop of wiper to pass through more water. most guys that are millions of times smaller than a flea: a source-end wood coverings are a thing of the past. small cause, big effect.

Small cause, large risk, as toxicologists. they warn of incalculable health hazards of nanoparticles, how they are used, not only emsal-manufacturer: werner & mertz in its products. more and more companies develop these types of microscopic wonders tots and pep up your goods. they improve the properties of wall colors, window sprays, sun-creams, chewing gums, tablets and many other products. the problem: no one knows whether the particles due to inhalation, swallowing or through the skin in the human body to settle and what they do there.

Experts believe that the use of nanoparticles for a game with the fire. “you must carry out adequate tests on them before they come in the trade,” insists wolfgang kreyling, scientists at the renowned gsf-national research center for environment and health in neuherberg, germany. he conducts research itself, about the biological impact of the technology.

Risk estimate

hungarian girls in rochester“this is a huge problem,” says holger krawinkel, which deals with the berlin federation of german consumer organisations with nano technology. politicians should immediately discuss whether the market should not be banned introduction of nano-products, as long as their risks are assessed.

Come the warnings of the experts before the particles are 1000 times smaller than the chided fine dust, very late. to 700 nano-products in the world are already in the market, about 100 billion euros have been taken in the past year. the sale of nano articles is according to the assessment of the market researchers in front of a boom. in ten years, would be implemented so that more than 1.2 trillion euros. every second product is to be nano-particles refined.

Blue-eyed use?

hungarian girls in rochesterSome manufacturer rates the technology as a revolution, comparable with the introduction of electricity. it allows people to use atoms and molecules like lego bricks, and completely new materials and mini-developing machines. everything is possible: from self-cleaning window panes on dust-grain-sized military spies up to the intelligent-acting drugs. the innocence, with the help of the nano-business is being promoted, reminds gsf-researchers kreyling at the naivety, with the once-asbestos or radioactivity on the mankind were released and immense damage to property.

But the business, the company does not break. recognized researchers complain behind closed doors, individual companies put pressure on you, the risk potential of nano-technology, against my better judgement, to play down. many do it because their institutions are dependent on the sponsorship of the manufacturer. “threaten to destroy my reputation, if i have to warn openly of the dangers of”, discloses a scientist of a leading german institute, the star.

Meanwhile, the nano-products to conquer also the german supermarkets and department stores. marked you do not need to be, often, however, the manufacturers advertise in the product name with the new miracle technique. so

– sonax extreme polish & wax nano, are to be found in the shops, for example, in the nano-particle mat car paints polishing,

Sidolin streak-free cristal, a glass cleaner, puts a protective shield of nano particles against dirt on the disc,

– the pan wmf top-tec, in the case of a nano coating, burning is prevented,

– the washing machine-silver nano health system samsung, in the silver ion, the size of a millionth of a millimeter into the tissue to penetrate and bacteria killing,

The wall color capasan from caparol, the fights with titanium dioxide particles against microorganisms,

The shoe polish erdal self shine, polished with nano particles

– the spray holmenkol sport proof + care, shoes, saddles and other leather articles makes it waterproof,

Nano-coated ties by bugatti, the blobs repel each other,

– the wellness drink fitline gourmet shake soya vanilla, the calories to faster burn.

Rich ‘usual’ tests?

hungarian girls in rochesterThe manufacturer to point out to the star that their products are tested and toxicologically safe be. however, scientists doubt that the usual tests for such a guarantee is not sufficient. because expensive, complex nano-specific studies are not yet required by law. “the greatest caution is necessary, especially if nano-particles can be absorbed through the skin or the lungs, for example for sprays or cleaners,” warns harald krug, professor at the research center karlsruhe. and even if it has not been demonstrated that the micro-parts during use: what happens if you go in the disposal, such as waste incineration, in the air, or later in the food chain?

Is for sure: all particles are exceptionally unpredictable. “we have seen in our tests, already surprises,” says gsf-researchers kreyling. “particles of which we believed that they show no biological effect, but they did – especially if you were smaller than 100 nanometers.”

There are cause of risk potential

hungarian girls in rochesterWhat is nano-particles on duration, fathom, scientists only gradually. so a team at the institute for the environment was able to demonstrate medical research, university of düsseldorf, that certain species, such as, for example, used in paints, interfere in a sufficiently high concentration, the functions of the human cell nucleus. at the university of rochester, usa, were scientists rats a large dose of nano particle inhalation, which led to vascular damage. even damage to the brain cannot be ruled out. “safe today,” says peter wiedemann, expert at the research centre jülich, “that there is a potential risk.”

The insurance industry will judge even harder. swiss re, one of the world’s largest reinsurer, ranks nanotechnology as a top risk. “in the course of the entire evolution of humanity has been exposed to never been such a type and quantity of substances, which can apparently penetrate in the human body,” – said in a study. “there is a fear that the nanotechnology to the category of revolutionary risks with the cause of demonstrable consequences of which will belong to.”

There are no experience values

hungarian girls in rochesterThat the insurer is so suspicious, is a miracle of adaptability of the materials seeds. any material that is trimmed in the laboratory at the nano size, compared to the origin substance completely new properties. such as colour, solubility or conductivity change. and the nanoparticles will react in the human body is much stronger than larger particles with the same chemical composition. therefore, researchers in the risk assessment can not rely on experience values. this means, for example, nano particles of zinc oxide are not safe, just because the commercially available zinc oxide powder is non-toxic.

However, to do manufacturer, nothing had changed. “our care emsal nanotec is a waterproofing system that is been in use for decades,” says wolfgang feiter, head of marketing at the emsal-manufacturer: werner & mertz. a screening of the new nano-particles was, therefore, not necessary.

The federal government is responding only now to the danger. for four years scientists have asked the researchers from karlsruhe jug for support. in mid-february, the research project began, with nano-care, to examine the dangers of industrially produced nano-particles. three years, the experts have the time. five million euros of research ministers rushed to the nano-care budget of 2.6 million of which should come from the coffers of manufacturers such as degussa, basf and bayer.

Vamp & snow white

hungarian girls in rochesterThe same happens, according to which all lust: a woman is half-climbing in the nude in an oversized martini glass. for four hours they wait in the small happy valley club in new york, push and shove, jostle each other on the feet – just to throw a glance on this woman.

The girls in the audience have dressed up and look like: pitch black hair, as black-painted play mobile hairstyles stick on the head, bright red lips, black pumps with sidewalk in high heels want to, some have been forced into corsets. the guys are wearing tails, blood-red finger nails and high cylinder with a white brim. this is not like visiting a disco in the year 2006, but like a scene from “moulin rouge”, the movie musical with nicole kidman, the frivolous 19. century paris to life.

Playing with sex to do without it

hungarian girls in rochesterYou are all waiting for: dita von teese, the 33-year-old art stripper, performance artist and wife of the rock star marilyn manson. the woman, of the international show business is at your feet, the very place where she lets her dark red painted toes circles. the woman plays with sex – without having to do it. the us magazine “vanity fair” made it to the “burlesque super heroine”, the london “times” celebrates you as a “woman of the moment”.

Then, finally. shortly before one of dita von teese enters the small stage made of shiny metal: your feet are in red high heels, she’s wearing red suspenders and a red silk slip, and on her nipples she has – we are here in america! – silver strip is glued. her skin is pale, her hair is pitch-black, blood-red lips. it runs in a circle like a number of girls at the boxing match in the break. in the middle of about a meter large martini glass made of plastic is. slowly she lifts the legs, first left, then right, and climbs up. lascivious she leaves a sponge in the shape of an olive on her curves glide. that’s enough. the audience shrieks, as it would be to witness an acrobatic world sensation. after eight minutes, everything is over.

Von teese performs burlesque into the third millennium

hungarian girls in rochesterThis dita von teese has created something that, apparently, many people longed for a long time: it is the most modern erotic art, figure, men’s fantasies spurred on, but also turns women on. it works on the cover of “playboy” in the same way as on the the “vogue”. the guys loading down your images as a screen saver, the women imitate her style.

This is a phenomenon, because von teese is nothing new. you sold something very old as something very new: the burlesque, those mixture of vaudeville, show and musical, and the strip, the beginning of the 20th century. century in the entertainment districts of major european cities flourished. dita von teese the burlesque leads into the third millennium – and raises this worldwide enthusiasm. “there are few people whose style can not be ignored. you lead and we follow them. dita is one of them,” schmalzte recently, the american “vogue”.

Barely twelve hours after the appearance of a woman with a dark-brown rolling suitcase is walking through the lobby of the berkshire-hotels in manhattan. she is wearing a black costume, black nylon stockings, black sunglasses. the night was long, dita von teese is tired. she now has no more of a vamp or a femme fatale. snow white on the run.

Once her name was heather sweet

hungarian girls in rochesterVon teese, flopping into a couch, ordered a green tea, around fiddles laying on sugar packets and told with a thin voice, your story. of her youth in rochester, michigan, when she was still known as heather sweet, and even as a teenager, this passion for old musical developed films from the 30s and 40s: “i just loved the way the women dressed, i loved this glamour, the elaborate costumes, and i can’t remember any era of film history that was so entertaining and lively. i wanted to be like these women.”

And so, heather sweet decided to leave your previous life behind and slip into a new role. “i wanted to re-create,” she says. a new name is quickly found, composed of entries in the phonebook: dita von teese. from then on, she turns the blonde hair pitch black, and painted blood-red fingernails.

Your father keeps the underwear for a sex instrument

hungarian girls in rochesterDuring your class mates in nightclubs and bustle, sinking them in the past, browsed in the shops for clothes, begins to collect lingerie and corsets. you can take pictures, after pictures of her idol bettie page, the first famous american pin-up girls. and: it occurs in strip clubs, “everything was a big experiment for me.”

She works in a store for ladies lingerie, her father keeps the underwear for a sex instrument. at 17, he throws her out of the house, “because he thought i wanted to seduce men”. it took many years , until the father accepted the daughter and her fancy job at last; it was only when the “playboy” dita picked up on the title page, he understood not that it was to seduce, but to assets.

Manson, ran like a dog behind her

hungarian girls in rochesterAnd career. this dita von teese is, in fact, one thing above all: a marketing genius in his own right. already in 1992, she starts taking nude photos of yourself on your website. meanwhile, more than 10000 pictures, the sales bring in annually about two million dollars on your site. a picture book with biographical notes, and many of the nude images, “burlesque and the art of the teese”, has just been published in the usa and in england. the shots from the wedding waltz with the scary rocker marilyn manson appeared exclusively in the “vogue”.

The beauty and the beast meet for the first time at a fetish party in los angeles, “on the he was constantly behind me, who ran like a dog.” they flirt a bit, exchange phone numbers, and a few days later, manson speaks on her answering machine. he stutters, he says his name, he asks only whether dita would not want to be in his new video. “i have not recognized who it was. until the rotation was clear to me: you’re in the video of marilyn manson!”

The two are a couple, and you will be famous. dita von teese smiles from now on, more and more often on the red carpets of the international distribution of prices, such as the mtv awards or the oscars.

Everything at exactly the right time. because sex and even pornography are not the end of the 90s taboo. porn has become socially acceptable, and is considered almost as smart. since paris hilton and marketed their private orgies in a hotel room on dvd, and to the best broadcasting time in the case of “sex and the city” about anal sex, gossip, more sex is objectionable, not more exciting, only media routine. naked not necessarily mean sexy.

And so dita von teese finds its niche. between all the celebrities are exhibitionists, it offers the contrast to the sexual over-saturation. “i’m not a girl, the tears at a party drunk the sweater,” she says. and mean: in the control, in the specific game, in the adumbration of the new sexual power. “the people may have a longing for a bit of theatre in your life, burlesque could be the answer to that,” says von teese.

Sometimes you wonder what people want to see suddenly in her and see, because for the last 15 years, she is always the same: she strips, you can take pictures and earn a lot of money. the difference now is that you no longer need to occur before the drunken rednecks in strip clubs, not soft-core porn has to rotate, but at parties in front of elton john and robbie williams strips. she is drinking green tea and shakes his head, the world must be mad!

Your life is supposed to be a single orgy to be

hungarian girls in rochesterThe most famous photographers such as ellen von unwerth and steven small tear to you, she has millions of fans, “me, almost amused earlier i was famous for taking his clothes off, and now i’m famous for, you are in fashion productions keep”.

It is now written constantly about you. a lot of nonsense, a lot about sex. nothing but the imagination of the writer and reader fired as much as her marriage with manson, the enfant terrible, the collector of nazi memorabilia, which is named after the mass murderer charles manson. so you want your life to be a single orgy with role games at home in california. and sex for breakfast, sex for lunch, sex, dinner, sex always.

This is of course nonsense. in practice, she says, was her life a hell of a banal, determined by their music and their work. you rarely go out, sometimes she cooks dinner. in the case of manson, it’s like the miller’s house next door. however, after almost a year, the surprise comes from. von teese divorce in los angeles, in the application, you are “irreconcilable differences” as the separation reason. just as in the case of millers next door. a few days later, the “new york post” reported that von teese in the days of christmas out of their apartment, had moved out – her husband didn’t notice the excerpt once.

She laughs. it is a laugh, a tired, the night was long, and in a record store at times square in new york waiting for their fans in long queues. dita von teese will be there to sign books and smile, smile, smile. she is a business woman, and she has truly learned the hard way how quickly this industry sometimes makes from a nameless stripper a superstar: in the blink of an eye. this is despite all the success, warning, – the spirit of the age comes and goes. the heather sweet in white, and she says: “i’ll take everything.”

Then she stands up and says goodbye. snow white is walking to the next appointment.

Diseased fathers bequeath more often

hungarian girls in rochesterMen with multiple sclerosis (ms) the disease is more than twice as often to their children as women affected. a study by american researchers with 444 ill children from families where a parent suffered also under the disease shows. why the affected fathers more sick children than of later diseased mothers to be born, scientists can not say yet. you suspect, however, that in the case of men genes for the onset of the disease than women and the likelihood of increasing the size of one of these genes is to admit to the children. on their study orhun kantarci, of the mayo clinic in rochester and his colleagues in the journal “neurology report” (excl. 25. july).

In case of ms the immune system starts, the layer of insulation around the nerve fibers in the central nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord, to attack. thus, a chronic inflammation of the tissue, which leads gradually to the destruction of the nerve insulation and the formation of scar tissue, the so-called sclerotherapy, arises. the affected nerves fail to transmit the signals from the body to the brain and vice versa right, so that it comes to the typical symptoms, such as paralysis, vision problems, movement problems, and speech disorders.

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