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Snake with two heads

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineMaybe that was a fright! a woman in woodbridge, in the u.s. state of virginia, has recently discovered a snake in your flower bed in the garden. but that’s not enough: the snake had two heads. experts say wild, two-headed snakes are very rare. the unusual specimen has a heart and a lung, but two air and two esophagus. the “north american copper-head”, as the snake is, is now in the wildlife center in virginia, a rescue center for wild animals. a bite of this snake is probably not fatal, but fairly painful.

Daily battle

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineTo survive in the wilderness to a great and difficult task for the serpent with the double-header. the problem is that the two heads appear to fight. to the right or to the left? who is to say where it goes? since the two are not necessarily on the direction agreed, it could be very dangerous for you. because during an attack, the snake may not react fast enough. two-headed snakes are rare, but also in a zoo in the ukraine, there was even a copy. there, the nurses have observed that the two heads fought each other for the food. therefore, they had to feed the heads, one at a time. on the basis of the current detected in the united states you want to explore the kind of thoroughly, and studying their behavior. the biologists need to hurry, however, because the life expectancy of the two-headed snake is considered to be very low. incidentally, this is also the reason that living specimens of two-headed animals are rarely found.

Her troop exercise area grafenwöhr: america in the upper palatinate

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineI, harald grill, closing the upper palatinate, the small town of vilseck and the troop exercise area grafenwöhr from the south-east. vilseck is located in the dead angle between the nuremberg-prague motorway and the motorway regensburg-berlin. the monte kaolino many, this highly visible mine tailings, generated during the kaolin mining between schnaittenbach and hirschau know. a mountain of feinriesligem bird sand, on which you can ski.

The vitzthum-village – settlement of americans

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine

The vitzthum-settlement

Now i follow the course of a winding, narrow road, bringing several branches behind me, until i know of a hill from the church towers. behind it is a an elongated black hill and the practice area troops back. as i drive into the city, get lost and land in a settlement of the do not want to fit to the core of the old town.

“it is the vizthum-village, according to pastor vitzthum appointed and has devoted much effort to the americans. a residential area, in the originally american families have lived.”

Anna metz

Guest at anna metz and her husband edmund. anna was for 40 years a teacher in vilseck. she knows almost every family, parents and children. many went to her in the school.

“who wants to integrate, always finds a connection, and who puts no value on the lives for itself alone, in its american environment.”

Anna metz

You can already see from the outside that there are no houses in which mainly deutsche wohnen.

“it’s a loud, flat roofs, which are a bit unusual for vilseck.”

Eduard metz

German finance your home with american tenants

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineWhat i find beautiful is the mix, the germans and the americans live as neighbors to each other.

“the mix was, in my opinion, earlier is even greater, because many vilsecker have built your house and the american tenant, you have financed the house, you could pay it off good, because it has relatively high rents.”

Anna metz

American children in german schools

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine

Anna and eduard metz

The more common places and situations there are, the more the american life, with the upper dovetails palatinate. basically, it would also, for the children, if they were together in kindergarten and in school. on the other hand, the american children would not be overwhelmed, because most of them speak particularly good english.

“it was always good in english class, when american children were inside, because since our kids have taken a lot of the language, the melody of her voice, if you have the auditioned. a certain shyness was gone then fast.”

Anna metz

The american children, however, have their own elementary school, the elementary school. some still are used in the german elementary school.

“are the children in which one parent is english and sometimes it’s the children of company employees, because the elementary school is a poor school. and if there are company employees, not belonging to the army or civilian employees of the army are, want to send their children to school, then the school will have to pay money and the are per child and per year at least $ 10,000. and because this is not for some families is simply not affordable, go also such children in the german school. we need to take with us, school is compulsory. and some want to send their child aware of in the german school, because, they say, we stay longer because my child learns the german language nice by the way.”

Anna metz

Friction losses since the terrorist attacks of september 11. september 2001

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine

A warning flag in front of a shooting schneiße on the troop exercise area grafenwöhr

Between the outside and the inside, there are the military training ground is a constant back and forth. business people and artisans to and from, american children living outside the defined area of the training ground. more than sixty bus lines allow you to be brought to class and back home brought. with the disaster of september 11. september 2001, moved to the northern part of the upper palatinate, suddenly closer to the focal point of world events. the terrorist attack has changed a lot and leads to friction losses in the to each other of the upper pfälzern and americans.

“in front of the 11. september is in and out without any obstruction. you couldn’t get in to the burger-eating. the young people drove to the bowling in and it was suddenly everything to the end. because of the big checks came at the camp entrance, there was a great fear of attacks. i know we are on this night, by this large residential area vizthum-village, which was deserted. the were all inside the camp. for example, it is also with the school buses so that the school bus companion, you should make sure that no suspicious vehicle follows, which departs in the morning with a mirror below the bus down, that so, yes, nothing can happen.”

Anna metz

The ancestors of anna metz are from the area that today is part of the military training area.

“the south camp in the military training area is the municipal area of vilseck. this was the former municipality of langenbruck. in 1938, the extension of military training was to take place, since all these villages have been resettled. and from the municipality of langenbruck father is by the way my big and his younger brother, who at that time got the transfer fee. you have had a post office, that was an economy with a horse-changing station for the post transportation from bayreuth to nuremberg. and the transfer fee was pretty good. my great-uncle, the can buy the hammer lock in wages. you are allowed to drive only a few times a year in the military training ground, which is all saints day for the visit to the cemetery, and on trinity sunday, the pilgrimage to the wolf chapel to protect. this is the spot where allegedly the last wolf in the military training ground had been shot. in the meantime, he’s back in the military training area on the inside.”

Anna metz

Troop exercise area of the royal bavarian army

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine

A control point before the rose barracks

Behind the vilsecker the entrance to the military site, this gate, this gate, similar to a border station, is the south camp, a term from the time when the german wehrmacht has increased the troop exercise area. set up the king had him in the bavarian army before the first world war. anna and eduard believe me this and much more of the vilsecker could tell the mayor hans-martin schertl.

Vilseck: 6,000 inhabitants, 8,000 american citizens

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine

The city square and the town hall, i quickly find. along the way, the english captions on to drop me on the store signs. opposite the town hall, a “travel service”. on a poster in german and english side by side: “ferry tickets” “ferry tickets”, “financing” and “fly now – pay later!” “cruise” and “cruise”.

“vilseck has about 6,000 inhabitants and in addition, about 8,000 american citizens, i stress ‘fellow citizens’, because we really have a very good contact. it is based in the us, around 5,000 soldiers and beyond 3,000 american family members. of course, there are residential areas for americans, but the american families live, often in german home-owners to rent and there’s really very diverse have developed contacts.”

Hans-martin schertl, mayor of vilseck


And a training ground for tolerance and liberality

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineVilseck seems to me like a learning field, a “training ground for tolerance and liberality. the old and the new, strange and familiar, near and far seem to have side by side.

“there are links to different units, which then come and make even the kirwabaum with, on the kirwazelt with, drink a beer and get sausages for your performance, then come in the evening to kirwafeier and celebrate together. and the rum speaks, so that the americans always ok to say, whether this is in grafenwöhr or vilseck, is the saying ‘home away from home’. you will feel at home with us beyond your home in america. we have rented with us in my house for twenty years, the apartment on the first floor, for americans, and we have very good contacts, be it via facebook, over the internet. and our first tenant from the year 1995 come in regular intervals, every second year, sometimes every year to visit. you put the visits so that you can then be at various festivals with since, that you will meet and together, once again, can talk for a week or two. and not only with us but also with many other, you know. say, we have contact, and always get back in time to visit old friends, friends from the states.”

Hans-martin schertl, mayor of vilseck

Six to eight german-american weddings per year

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineWith so many contacts with each other, it should not be surprised if it sparks between the upper pfälzern and americans of both sexes frequently. stories there were to tell about the upper palatine-american couples, where the world opened – the stories of failure or success of common life plans.

“we have in the registrar’s office in the year about six to eight weddings with american soldiers. when german women married americans. of course, this is the situation that the soldiers are back, also back to america to be treated and then the german women go with to america. but there have also been cases where the women or the women came back with children again, alone, because the holding has not promised life in the land of the unlimited possibilities of what she had hoped for in the end.”

Hans-martin schertl, mayor of vilseck

The south and the east camp

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine

Mayor hans-martin schertl is in possession of a laissez-passer, because the south camp belongs legally to the city of vilseck. he is offering me, me in the army training to take. “inn to the south camp” i read, and the control point of the exercise area comes into view. all know the mayor, and take a brief look at our passports. it has announced to us already. so we can pass the guards without further notice.


To 30,000 americans live and work here

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineMost americans have to do in the military training ground, live in vilseck, and to the north of the military site in eschenbach grafenwoehr, where there is a second barracks: the east camp. overall, one speaks of a population of 30,000 americans in the area of military training grounds in grafenwöhr with high rock: of 10,000 soldiers, 20,000 family members and civilian employees.

Vilseck gets 5.5 million euros by the free state

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine


These places get key contributions from the free state of bavaria. the vilsecker city treasurer, for example, can be recorded in the annual budget at least 5.5 million euros. auerbach or kichenthunbach, the places on the western and north-western edge of the military training area have the look – and the shooting noise.

A small American town in the middle of Bavaria

Tom hough, commander of the 2. cavalry regiment of the us army, with hans-martin schertl, mayor of vilseck

We are all of a sudden, in a small american town. bank of america. i, elementary school reading. spacious, wide roads. a lot of air between the buildings. in front of the administration building, we keep. franz zeilmann, the press spokesman of the military training ground, is also responsible for german-american relations, has been waiting for us. we are up to follow him to the stairs. in the corridors what’s going on is quite nice. soldiers in their green uniforms. on the walls the photos of the previous commander, flags, coat of arms, deeds. commander tom hough comes to us. franz zeilmann is my interpreter.

“during the carnival procession, last sunday, were several commanders with the mayor schertl and have since had great fun. so, what we do here is always german-american, no matter what: kirwa, carnival, all kinds of festivals. but it is also american in the football club, so really a great with each other.”

Franz zeilmann, the press spokesman of the military training area

“here in vilseck are approximately stationed 4,500 soldiers and with the families, we have 10,000 americans here in the barracks, living for the most part, in the barracks, but also in the city of vilseck, in sorghof, in simply in sulzbach-rosenberg, amberg, and are actually integrated very well. mayor schertl makes everything possible to the soldiers well to incorporate, and the quality of life here, the soldiers and families, is greatly dependent on how the cooperation and the coexistence with the germans and that is very good.”

Tom hough, commander of the 2. cavalry regiment of the us army, translated by franz zeilmann

The soldiers are usually stationed about three years in vilseck and have time, in bavaria, by integrating the bavarian culture. colonel hough is from alaska and his children are at play in amberg, germany, ice hockey.

“if we have here is a sponsorship program for the new family, the new soldier will be taken by the hand and told what all is going on here, what you can do, how to do the driver’s license. you need to make a new driver license, if you come to germany or the question of, how can you come in a club, like in the german culture come in.”

Tom hough, commander of the 2. cavalry regiment of the us army, translated by franz zeilmann

“we can also be within the army, various cultural events, with which the different ethnic groups. for example, the black africans, the asians, the spanish descent, the native americans, who we call indians, which can be within the army, with dances, with clothes, with food, just with culture and also history, which is here made to the big time. which are dedicated to different months in the military, in which you can represent yourself.”

Franz zeilmann, the press spokesman of the military training area

A clean, American town

After the conversation with the commander under the direction of hans-martin schertl take a tour with me. we drive through a clean, american town: the library: the rose barracks library, the theatre: the rose barracks theater, school: rose barracks education center, a gas station: rose barracks express, bank of america, a food retailer: vilseck commissary, the bowling center, the polyclinic: vilseck health clinic, the church: rose barracks chapel. in-between, such as monuments in the meadows, older american tanks. finally, the parks, the mayor in front of a fast-food restaurant. he proves to be a real “burger master” invites you to a burger with a cola.

Foreign america

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineI remember that i had to do as a child with my in-game barracks, district of comrades in the rain burger a lot to do with the american soldiers. on the american national holiday we have each year at the 4. july, your plant fire plant. on the day of the open door, we climbed in the ami barracks in the tank, and have done, as we would shoot with the machine gun around. the spatial proximity and the casual ease of the americans moved everything to us military close. later america is in a lot of debt.

Approach to the american way of life

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine

Citizens-the restaurant in the rose barracks

Here around the military training area for eat in the midst of american soldiers and their families with the vilsecker mayor hans-martin schertl the first burger of my life – and am amazed that it tastes good to me.

The south camp is now called rose barracks

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineRose barracks of the americans call the place to the memory of general maurice rose, who at the age of 45 years at the end of the second world war at the top of the led 3. us-armored division near paderborn, was killed. the name of barrack in english as much as “the barracks” – is reminiscent of the german name south camp, which was situated here during the third reich, and during the second world war a prison camp was located.

The consequences of world politics in the province

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineJust before we leave the premises of rose barracks in the american upper palatinate, a province on the edge of the military area, has me hans-martin schertl on a memorial stone for the soldiers who have not returned from the war in iraq. given the environment of rose barracks, with the many ponds and forests, you think of a national park as a military training ground. but the presence of the american soldiers over and over again the consequences of world politics in the province of flash. in the television nine-eleven and killing sprees are far away. but in the military training area grafenwöhr, you will be palpable at once, and comprehensible. the reports in the regional media on commemorations for fallen soldiers sit up and take notice.

Training for the kidnapping of mussolini

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineShooting exercises, which can be many kilometres away can hear. i’m in the process of life, and in one of the largest and most modern military training grounds of europe. many of the residents were settled in 1910, and in 1938 executed. their villages were exercises scenes for the military. so a special force of the german wehrmacht trained here, the kidnapping of mussolini, by means of a small aircraft, the brand fieseler storch. many other examples could enumerate. since the second world war, the us army and other nato-prepare-states on their combat operations. since a couple of years, there are special exercises with ukraine-group.

An artist remembers a strange, exciting mix of cultures

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineEuropean networks – because the image reminds me of the end of artist albert brown. he is the first vilsecker, i’ve met in my life: and where? in finland! there, he works at the art school nykarleby. i close now from me to others, and i suspect, the roots to which they are attracted, date back to his childhood on the edge of the military training ground.

“you grew up actually with the military, and there was also a lot of maneuvers outside of the training ground. that was, of course, as a child, very impressive. i have drawn very much: tanks, soldiers and so on. i mean, it’s not just about the military, especially so you can see things a little bit different. but the point of contact between our culture, is there, in the upper palatinate, in vilseck, and also the influences that came through the americans, because in our town, in retrospect, interesting and exciting. even as a teenager, as we saw so life is a bit of the night. my siblings have always tells of how elvis presley once upon a time in vilseck and as sung in the old cinema – i know the building yet. and i then studied the end of the 70s in berlin and was from time to time in vilseck, there was a nightclub that was made by americans, and this is where i first heard rap music. there was at us in the radio still nothing. this is a peculiar mix of different cultures, which is interesting.”

Albert brown, artist

Today, albert brown lives surrounded by much open land and the sea on the baltic coast, in the swedish speaking part of finland. with his work, he deals with projects with which he executes art on the contradictions of the “big” world. but the contact to vilseck is never torn down, because it gives back to the world’s problems in the regional space, where you also have roots. he will always go back to dimension with the experience he has gained as a young person here in the upper palatinate america, , hearkens back to ideas he has received in this space in this homey region, in which so many a head and elbow wundgestoßen and at the same time the benchmark has acquired a life out there in the world. it is brown, as is the case with many other upper albert pfälzern also, the interplay between the home and the foreign, between the desire on the distance, and the longing for closeness, which made him free and sovereign.

Military area and nature paradise in a

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine

Landscape in the military training area grafenwöhr

I am planning a second visit to the inside of the military training ground, this time with the head of the federal operation, grafenwoehr forest. ulrich maushake is a forest man, body and soul, and a department head, he is also. he is an excellent connoisseur of the natural resources of the practice area.

Go along with his dog oscar, and we get in the jeep, us on a tour through a closed area of 25 kilometres and 13 kilometres wide military area and nature paradise in one. the area and the nature of the military training ground in front of me like a little america: undeveloped, unobstructed nature, uninhabited tree surfaces loose, then again, a forest, a habitat for wild animals. what is outside, the land is here, inside the wolf pack-the expectation of the country. we are in the wolf chapel to protect.

“the wolf, the writes yeah, well for twenty years is a success story in germany, as regards its intensity of repopulation and of returning – that all has surprised. the someone twenty years ago would have told me that we have wolves in germany with this dramatic development, i would have said you’re crazy. and for me, it is quite certain: the upper palatinate is to be wolf country, this is undoubtedly. thus, major challenges are linked, no question about it. i would like to make with regard to the consequences, actually, any statement that could be interpreted politically. you can deal with the wolf and live with him and it is clear he is a most fascinating animal i’ve had the good fortune to see now, a few months ago this couple we have here, yourself.”

Ulrich maushake, the head of the federal forestry grafenwoehr

Elvis presley in grafenwöhr

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine

We stop at the observation tower on the black mountain and have a wide view on the impact area, the margin area in the centre of the military training ground, across to eschenbach to the volcanic cone of rough kulm on the north side of the training ground. ulrich maushake wants to show me something. he leads me to the rough brick wall of the tower. in the bricks previous visitors have immortalized. he points to one of the stones. there’s a name and a number: “elvis 61 is etched”.

The moment – elvis presley came from the 3. november to mid-december of 1958, a maneuver to grafenwoehr, and was in the mickey bar his only concert outside of the united states. from mid-january until the beginning of february 1960, he was a second time on the site. this is historically backed up. here elvis 61 but is “” – in 1961, he was already back home in america. the brick is maybe a note to a third party, not previously documented visit to grafenwoehr? no matter. the legend lives on.

Three helicopters pushes close to the treetops

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineAs at once threatening a heavy, wide noise cloud over us. three helicopters stand tight tops on the tree. ulrich maushake stops. he believed that the soldiers train tops the contours of flight over the tree.

“this is the so-called impact area, from the shooting of the artillery is observed. this is the impact area of the air force and artillery, it is located in the centre of the training ground. here, most of the noise arises naturally with distance. and the more forest, the better, so say, if the mountains lying at the outside, the better, of course, this sound buffered.”

Ulrich maushake, the head of the federal forestry grafenwoehr

The helicopters are close to the forest. ulrich maushake observed suspicious. you will do damage to the old trees? they fall below the minimum distance to the tree crowns. he must immediately make phone calls with the chief of the military training operation responsible. on the road in the terrain ulrich maushake is always available. the contact with the coordination agency of the u.s. army must not be broken off. ulrich maushake has spotted a white-tailed eagle and stops.

“the white-tailed eagle population has changed gigantic. when i came here, 23 years ago, i have seen once in the month a bald eagle, and today, i really see each time you go out on the eagles. the high deer occur the white-tailed eagles in very handy, because they are scavengers and, in particular, in the winter aasstücke to fall and the eagle with his eagle eye at once.”

Ulrich maushake, the head of the federal forestry grafenwoehr

The wolf changed the launch plan

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraineDeer heaven the americans call this part of the count wöhrer exercise place: the sky of the deer.

“so far, so in front of the wolf, it was so, that the deer had no natural enemy. and, in this respect, it is of course clear that the hunter has to regulate that is not otherwise. now the situation has changed a little, there is a natural enemy, the wolf. the wolf makes a contribution, he is quite welcome, but he can’t do it alone. and, with us, that we take into account, of course, by the presence of a few wolves in our launch plan, which means i have calculated, what to eat the wolves, we have here, and, accordingly, we shoot less. and thus, i think, makes clear sense, because if the wolf shoots the eats, or the hunter, it has the same effect: a reduction in or a posture of the wild, what we want, of course, remains.”

Ulrich maushake, the head of the federal forestry grafenwoehr

Jacob johnson came and remained in vilseck

how much is a ticket from virginia to ukraine

Jacob johnson

It’s not a sign of serious feelings of home, for a connectedness with the landscape, people and way of life, when american families return after a long time again, and even want to stick around. jacob johnson is a man who has left after service in the army in the 1990s in vilseck low. he is from virginia.

“why am i in germany? my wife is here, my family is here, i love germany.”

Jacob johnson

Jacob johnson

The upper palatinate is a small region with a distinct identity and to the finest custom home frame in which the home care cultivated is under the motto: preserve and maintain the typical vernacular or typical variants of a dialect, the customs, the costumes, the folk music get. jacob johnson like that. in front of his house a sign strikes me: honey from our own hives, from the producer to the consumer – for sale here! we kauder wels accordingly, together on the way to his five kilometres away, on the edge of the forest of the hidden colonies. if he has children, i want to know from him.

“yes, i have a son who lives in regensburg. my son also has bees.”

Jacob johnson

Also if it the german language comes so easily on the lips, he likes the upper palatinate. i can well imagine as neighbors. what a likeable, open-minded person! we could have a barbecue. i could hurl to be helpful with the honey. in a small village in virginia, he grew up in. there are hills and forests in the upper palatinate, he said. almost a heaven on earth, almost.

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