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As companies in europe’s coffers to loot!

how can i find employees in ukraineJust rescued with taxpayers ‘ money, to develop the banks new strategies to allow their rich clients to the tax evasion. the unmasking of tax refugees such as amazon and totally makes you understand how the deep holes in europe’s state coffers could arise.

20 to 30 trillion dollars in financial assets worldwide in tax havens. the lack of tax revenue it will bring, in the meantime, whole countries to the edge of ruin. in germany, billions are earned, no taxes are paid.

Although the big-tech-taking corporations billions of dollars, they pay almost no taxes. in the u.s. alone, facebook, google, and apple have saved;the last three years, more than 8 billion dollars in taxes, just because they use the tax haven of ireland.

Internet giants such as amazon and google lower their tax burden through complex corporate constructs about ireland and holland – and with great success. however, in most cases, the costly produce of such a construct is not worth it for a company, if it is made of several billion euros in sales annually. therefore, some companies have been looking for an alternative and in malta its malta limited found. this includes, among other things, geobra brandstätter (playmobil), tipico and xxxlutz from austria.

Playmobil since 1974 in malta

For geobra brandstätter gmbh and its world-famous toys produced by playmobil and i have to correct myself at the beginning: the company directly as indicated and will not be in malta with a malta limited is registered. however, the work in the playmobil since its market launch in 1974, is produced, a work of playmobil malta limited, which is, in turn, represents the gmbh in germany. nevertheless, it is assumed that the playmobil malta ltd utilizes the tax benefits available in malta. source

Mcdonald’s since 2009 in europe, and to tax payments of approximately one billion euros

Mcdonald’s has pressed squeezed between 2009 and 2013 in europe through tax tricks 1 billion euros in taxes – to the detriment of citizens and companies to pay fair taxes. the regional organisation of the iuf (international union of food ), effat has published, together with a coalition of european and american trade unions in february 2015, a report that described the deliberate handling of mcdonald’s.

The international corporations use loopholes in national tax systems, in order to save taxes. among other things, they shift their profits to countries with low tax rates. because of such practices, the iphone manufacturer apple, the internet were, among other things, retailer amazon and the coffee chain starbucks in the criticism.

Eight to nine million euros in taxes a year to escape the european countries due to tax evasion of starbucks.

The debate about offshore-leaks and the very low tax payments of large multinational corporations have the public interest on the problem of “tax havens” directed. if corporations tax rate to exploit differences between different countries can tax planning be quite legal. but will not be declared taxable income of private individuals, is illegal.

Currently (as of 2017)-

“the netherlands is the new bermuda shorts”

Starbucks, microsoft, apple, basf, and even pop stars such as elton john and the rolling stones reside between amsterdam, the hague and the wadden sea. the netherlands are “in”. approximately 12 000 foreign companies – including 800 german – not migrated already, 85 per cent operate co-workers more than a letter box. a study by the foundation for economic research have found that up to 30 billion euros in the year. according to the organization for economic co-operation in europe, around 2.7 trillion euros were invested in 2012 of foreign capital in the netherlands. only 573 billion arrived in the real economy, the rest ended up in letter-box companies.

The tricks with bread and bread rolls – makes the daily bread sick?

how can i find employees in ukraineOur bread, of course, hand-kneaded, a pleasing picture, which is trying to convey to us the advertising every day tens of times. if we knew, what we eat, we would not want to eat it at all! if we were to list the recipe, some food products, it would be like in a chemistry lab. in addition, the residues of chemicals such as plant protection products, – we would have to wear a gas mask while eating. we take daily bread – a view of the mass production of a food, which manufacturing begins not in the bakery, but in a laboratory of novozymes, , a biotechnology company from denmark.

In almost all breads enzymes of a biotech group monsanto, an alliance are to be found. the bioag alliance (novozymes/ monsanto) currently has around 65 million hectares with seed using your products, especially soy-sown beans. by 2017, this alliance with a rollout of a corn-inokulans wants to raise between 250 million and 500 million hectares. our daily bread from the hands of a few corporations, frightening, or?

The way of our daily bread starts in a laboratory. the grain, which you need, is already patented long ago, and these companies then deliver at the same time, the plant protection agent which leaves a residue. here again at the forefront of monsanto, which was recently taken over by bayer. and by this bread sick, bayer has the right drug for you. see: the monopoly of a few agri-corporations! the smear comedy, bayer, monsanto continues!

But before you keep this bread in the hands, it is a long path that we show you want to.

The germans are world champions in the bread and often go a day easy on the nose in the next baking store. however, as we will provide you with other products have shown that what is cheap is also produced on the cheap! cheat lurks everywhere! in the super markets, gas stations and bakeries baking goods they are in the baskets, their crust is very crispy and their shape even. these properties are, however, owe less to the art of the baker than the predictable work of the enzymes and other additives. pre-packaged bread, the remains of up to eight weeks: specific enzymes that can prevent the aging of bread. consumers cringe, the industry rejoice. but eight weeks durable bread is just an extreme of an industry that has changed radically in recent years.

The enzyme”miracle”

how can i find employees in ukraineFactories treadmills are not suitable for the ordinary bread-dough. he would stick to the gears and so the production shut down. the industry supports, therefore, genetically modified enzymes, making the dough less sticky, longer-lasting and all-round optimum. this has to do with naturalness only a little. in the list of ingredients, the enzymes do not need to be declared, allegedly, they disintegrate during the baking process and are for consumers, not harmful. large-scale studies, there are however, no and the industry is extremely secretive. read more from our post: “our daily bread aufbacke us today and forgive us our greed.”

Would you like to industry-enzymes in the bread? we also do not! the business with the priest’s bread – and here, too, is monsanto’s in there! about 80 percent of all in the food industry enzymes used can be produced using genetic engineering.

In the production of food enzymes used are generally produced with genetically modified microorganisms. other preparations are on the market. most of the enzymes are used as so called technical auxiliary substances. therefore, you had to be so far, neither admitted nor in the list of ingredients declared.

Enzymes from the genetics lab are not without risk for man and the environment. since the genetic engineering increasingly, enzymes are used, the fear of consumer advocates that allergies might increase. in fact, bakers often develop an allergy to the enzymes included in baking mixes. the risk for an allergy is particularly high, if the skin or mucous membranes with the enzyme dust come in contact with. in the finished biscuits, the enzymes are bound usually, and due to the high baking temperatures are inactivated. also, the use of antibiotic resistance as a marker for a successful manipulation is problematic. for example, if the host mushroom is also a gene for an antibiotic resistance introduced . there is a fear that reducing the effectiveness of antibiotics declines even further. consumer advocates therefore call for a clear declaration of products that have been produced using genetic engineering methods. (

The denmark-based novozymes, which emerged in the year 2000 due to the splitting of the diabetes specialist novo nordisk. today, novozymes is the world’s leading supplier of industrial biotechnology solutions. the company has focused heavily on the production of enzymes (world market share: 48%) and micro-organisms that are used in many industrial areas. the danish company holds worldwide more than 6,000 patents and is the third largest biotech company in europe with a turnover of 1.67 billion euros. novo nordisk is the world market leader in the field of diabetes. from the point of view of the pharmaceutical companies are sick to sugar money to be made. this is also recognized by novo nordisk, the self-proclaimed world leader in the field of diabetes medicines. a paradox, because as the english physician samuel gee at the end of the 19th century. century, children are rubbed with a chronic digestive disorder toasted slices of bread as a diet prescription, he had no idea how much he hurt you. because it should last for many decades, until researchers realized that just a cereal ingredient, the protein gluten, responsible for your pain and partly deadly symptoms was responsible. celiac disease – an autoimmune disease that destroys the intestine, and by the consumption of gluten is triggered.

Gluten intolerance

This is a hot topic. the research estimates that over 18 million americans suffer today from a gluten intolerance. these new gluten sensitivities are likely due to genetic changes of plant and while it is not gmo wheat, but we are ever – gmos and modern wheat are killing us.

The wheat from the mass production turned into toxic junk food and the combination of the two is causing headaches, stomach ulcers, prostate cancer, ibs (irritable bowel syndrome), bladder and pancreatic cancer, and for a very large proportion of the population all kinds of digestive problems. celiac disease is also caused is on the rise – also by eating the proteins in gmo gluten. earlier it was a rare disease and spread it everywhere:

“celiac disease was rare, but now it is in all age groups more frequently,” says joseph murray, md, a mayo gastroenterologist. although the cause is unknown, affects celiac disease about one in 100 people. in addition, the mayo clinic has diagnosed a four-fold increased risk of death for people with gluten intolerance.

You eat pesticides, junk, wheat and modified dna! this is the simple answer, but the more complex explanation is that monsanto, bayer, and syngenta have simply changed the wheat growth in america. we are no longer eating the wheat that our grandparents or ancestors would be eating. while other countries ban gmos, and the shovels, we witness unrestrained down our throats. the reason is not, however, how many mainstream-media claim that “unknown”; it is linked to gmos and altered wheat. see: 18 million americans suffer from gmo and gluten intolerance – 18 million americans suffer from gmo and gluten intolerance

It is not a “gluten”intolerance, we have to develop. it is a gmo food intolerance. we eat simply no real food.

Dark bread is not always whole –grain bread
on the use of malt extract, and caramel

Nutritionists and counseling professionals agree: products made from whole grains such as whole-grain bread provide valuable fiber, minerals and vitamins and thus have a positive effect on health.

Many people are of the opinion that dark bread is healthy and bright, not because you think that dark bread is automatically whole-grain bread. with dark breads, appearances can be deceiving – some of the bread is just dark, but full-grain is nothing to see.

Many bread manufacturers color their bread with malt or caramel. in the bread for a single full grain is not. at most of the crust a few grains and, together with the dark color, the customer assumes that it is, in fact, a healthy whole-grain bread.

Anyone who reads the ingredients list of bread varieties and carefully, often finds references to malt extract and malt syrup, caramel syrup, or the like. these substances are food not are legally considered to be additives and must not be allowed. with their help, a darker color of baked products and the flavour intensifies can be achieved.


Other foods such as cola drinks, various sweets are coloured with caramel colouring dark. caramel is a mixture of brown to black dyes. it is one of food substances legally use of the additive and is found under the abbreviation e150 in the list of ingredients.

Caramel is made by heating sugars to a temperature of from 120 to 150° c with the addition of reaction accelerators (certain acids or alkalis). accordingly, a distinction is made between:


  • Plain caramel E 150a (here: use of sodium hydroxide or strong acids)
  • the

  • caustic Sulphite caramel E 150b
  • the

  • ammonia caramel, E 150c
  • the

  • ammonium sulphite caramel E 150d
  • the

  • caramel is a light – and heat-resistant and soluble in water and alcohol. Alone it tastes bitter and smells burnt. E 150a and E 150b are considered to be harmless. In the case of E 150c and E 150d is not recommended frequent consumption. In animal experiments, reaction by-products cramps and blood changes have triggered. source

Öko-test recommends avoiding products with caramel. also, you should refrain from foods with sulphite ammonia caramel (e150d), ammonia caramel (e150c) the finger. to be on the safe side, consumers are, when you have to resort to organic products, as these may not be caramel-colored. source

E150c – caramel – for bread, pastries, cocoa, hot chocolate, tea or coffee, this artificial coloring is prohibited, because it is here that an intense shade of brown pretends to be the consumer a higher quality in the form of a higher whole-grain -, coffee-or chocolate share.

Also: caution! hazardous industrial sugar – the european agricultural policy, with little regard for the health of the consumer takes

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