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The chinese calendar and its animals

dating venezuelaThe chinese calendar is used for the calculation of the chinese new year and other chinese holidays. esoteric fans will appreciate the calendar and its horoscope because of its connection to the chinese astrology.

Chinese new year

Chinese new year celebration with lion dance in ho-chi-minh-city, vietnam.


Two in one

dating venezuelaThe traditional chinese calendar system consists of two different calendars:

  1. The Chinese solar calendar depends on the length of the tropical year – the period during which the earth completes one revolution around the sun.
  2. The Chinese lunar calendar reflects the length of the moon phases and lunar cycles.

The chinese calendar two different calendars, the chinese calendar year

dating venezuelaThere is also defined a calendar year to two different species, and measured.

The solar year, the 24 stations and the 12 , zhongqi

In the chinese solar calendar begins the year at the winter solstice. through this binding to that of the sun, the length of the year corresponds with the average length of a tropical year exactly. as the world’s common gregorian calendar to the chinese solar year has 365 or 366 days.

The year is divided into 24 stations. each of these year lines covers 15° of the path of the earth around the sun and takes about 15,22 days. this is measured in the course of the year on the basis of the ever-wandering sun stands in relation to certain constellations.

Two stations be combined into a zhongqi, each of which is 30° of the average tropical year takes, about 30,44 days. each , zhongqi is attributed to in chinese astrology, a zodiac sign.

The lunar year and the lunar months

The chinese lunar year begins a few weeks after the solar year, in the period between the 21. january and the 21. february. this date is celebrated during the chinese new year large. other chinese public holidays will be calculated on the basis of the lunar calendar.

The lunar year is divided into twelve lunar months, each beginning on a new moon, and so on duration is the average length of a lunar cycle (synodic month) of about 29,53 days to reflect.

Leap years in the chinese calendar

dating venezuelaSince the sum of twelve lunar months is about eleven days shorter than the solar year, is seven times inserted in 19 years – so every two to three years a leap month. by this 13. month, the length of the lunar year is adjusted to the length of the solar year periodic. for this reason, holidays such as the chinese new year falling each year in the same season.

The lunar month (lunation period, i.e. 29.53 days) is slightly shorter than a zhongqi (30,44 days). the leap month is inserted if in the course of the same , zhongqi a full lunar month passes.

The chinese reckoning of time: a 60-years cycle

dating venezuelaAccording to the legend, emperor huang di introduced the chinese calendar system in the year 2637 bc for the first time. in contrast to the christian era, in the years since the supposed birth year of jesus to be numbered, there is in the chinese time invoice no continuous counting mode. instead, one of the ten celestial stems and twelve earthly branches is described every year by using two components:.

  • The ten celestial stems are jiǎ, , bǐng, dīng, , including, gēng, xīn, rén and guǐ.
  • The twelve earthly branches are , chǒu, yín, mǎo, chén, , , wèi, shēn, yǒu, xū and hài.

Every year, a celestial stem and a erdzweig in the above order is assigned to: jiǎ-zǐ, yǐ-chǒu, bǐng-yín, and so on. so 60 different combinations. after 60 years, the cycle of the year, jiǎ-zǐ begins again.

The signs of the zodiac

dating venezuela2019

The year of the pig is.

Each erdzweig is associated with a zodiac sign:

  1. – rat
  2. chǒu – ox
  3. yín – Tiger
  4. mǎo Bunny
  5. chén – dragon
  6. snake
  7. horse
  8. wèi – sheep/goat
  9. shēn monkey
  10. yǒu faucet
  11. dog
  12. hài pig

Chinese horoscope

dating venezuelaThe animal signs in the chinese astrology, in turn, with certain characteristics, which form the core of the chinese horoscope. it’s based on the birth year in the chinese lunar calendar.

  1. rat – imaginative, generous, successful, popular, curious
  2. ox – self-confident, honest, patient, conservative, strong
  3. Tiger sensitive, tolerant, brave, active, resilient
  4. rabbit – affectionate, kind, gentle, compassionate, merciful,
  5. dragon – enthusiastic, intelligent, lively, energetic, innovative
  6. snake – charming, intuitive, romantic, perceptive, polite
  7. horse – diligent, friendly, sophisticated, talented, smart
  8. sheep / goat – artistic, quiet, reserved, happy, friendly
  9. monkey – witty, lively, flexible, humorous, curious
  10. Hahn – perceptive, honest, communicative, motivated, on time
  11. dog – loyal, honest, responsible, courageous, warm-hearted
  12. pig – sincere, tolerant, hard-working, honest, optimistic

Topics: calendar, time, history

Christian era

dating venezuela

The birth of christ: the zero point of the christian year count

According to the christian faith was born jesus in a stable in bethlehem. this historically documented event is considered to be the zero point of the christian year count.


Before christ, after christ

dating venezuelaThe christian year census of the world’s gregorian calendar, divided last year in two time

  1. Before Christ (v. BC): years before the birth of Christ
  2. According to Christ (n. BC) margins:: years after the birth of Christ

Years after the birth of christ can traditionally be marked with the phrase anno domini (latin for “in the year of our lord”).

In the absence of a name is assigned to the year commonly referred to the era after the birth of christ. it is a year well before or after the current year, is led to the additional n c. often, however, to avoid confusion.

When was jesus was born?

dating venezuelaWith the birth of jesus refers to the christian era, to a historically documented event. when jesus was born – and whether he exists at all – nobody knows. the bible provides no clear information.

The year of birth of jesus was only established five centuries later, as the zero point of the christian year count. in the year 525 n. ad the monk dionysius exiguus, dated the event to the year 754 since the founding of rome (ab urbe condita).

Zero-point: year 0 or year 1?

dating venezuelaThe christian year count starts with the year 1 after christ. dionysius exiguus used for the identification of the years in roman numerals – a numbering system in which the zero occurs.

As there is in the christian year count a year 0, began the 21. century in the year 2000, but at the 1. january 2001.

Non-christian names

dating venezuelaWith the gregorian calendar, today is also the christian calendar as the world standard. in christian countries and cultures, for example, in germany,

“before” and “after our era”

Should be hidden to the christian, are often used alternative terms and abbreviations. in english, there were, for example, the designations “before the common era” and “after our era” (bce and ce) that are sometimes used in explicitly non-religious contexts, and even in the gdr, widespread.

“before common era” and “common era”

In english you use “before common era” and “common era” (bce and ce). in the interest of a more neutral way of expressing these descriptions replace the traditional terms “anno domini” and “before christ” (ad and bc) in english-speaking countries and in the global communication gradually.

Topics: history, calendar, time

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