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A diplomatic tightrope

German foreign minister frank-walter steinmeier pressure: a quick diplomatic solution to the ukraine crisis, he warned on tuesday, as far as possible in the next 48 hours. however, until now he could not convey, “that we are on the way to an international process, a contact group, a format in which russia and ukraine both to each other and negotiate, can talk,” said steinmeier in geneva. to define this process is a balancing act – the high art of diplomacy.

Especially the “how”: the framework in which russia and ukraine can negotiate with each other, without either side having to lose with a recording of the talks that face? moscow does not recognize the current ukrainian government, finally, talks of a coup in kiev. the government there accuses the russian government, however, because of the de facto occupation of the crimea a breach of international law and refuses to talk with moscow.

The chairman of the organization for security and cooperation in europe (osce), swiss president didier burkhalter, want to reasons, therefore, an international contact group. in all of the states concerned, should be present, said burkhalter on monday before the un human rights council – which are exactly likely to be the subject of further negotiations. the osce, at the height of the cold war, in 1975 in helsinki as the conference for security and cooperation in europe, founded, are, in addition to kosovo, all the states of europe, the countries of the former soviet union, the usa, canada and mongolia. the aim of the organization is the securing of peace.

The desire for peace unites the ukrainian orthodox

construction jobs kiev ukraineUntil the end of february, the metropolitan onuphrios broke his 78-year-old predecessor, volodimir as the metropolitan of the ukrainian orthodox church. but he has already appealed several times to the moscow patriarch kirill and russian president putin, a bloodshed in the ukraine to prevent it.

Onphrios’ use is remarkable, because even the orthodox churches in ukraine, the political situation reflect. three great orthodox hierarchies there are in the country, the largest of which is the ukrainian orthodox church (moscow patriarchate). the addition is important, therefore, because this church is autonomous, but under the canonical jurisdiction of the moscow patriarch kyrill is.

It is different with the ukrainian orthodox church (kiev patriarchate). after ukraine had declared their sovereignty in august 1991, aimed at the orthodox church in the ukraine, the independence of the mother church in russia. under metropolitan filaret, it came to a division, because the council of the russian orthodox church refused to recognize the independence of the ukranischen church, and metropolitan filaret of all his dignities and the priesthood gave birth. filaret refused, consecrated a new bishop, and received the support of then-president leonid kravchuk, so that since june 1992, two ukranisch orthodox churches exist in parallel – autonomous, which has its own metropolitan, but the moscow patriarchate recognizes, and a so-called autocephalous, the patriarch, sits in kiev.

The smallest of the three major orthodox churches in ukraine, the autocephalous orthodox church. it originated in the time of the brief ukrainian independence of the ukraine from 1918 to 1920, after the connection of the ukraine to the soviet union emigrated and survived in the united states, explains michael hübner, head of division for central and eastern europe in the ekd. the autocephalous orthodox church has a peculiar feature: their foreign municipalities belong to the patriarchate of constantinople and not recognized it as an official church, of the domestic communities but.

Diary from kiev – part 2

construction jobs kiev ukraineWe are a further walk back, a big round of to the places of the events. to allow the feet of the luteranska the guards to us through the still barricaded staircase arch. ralf discovered on the plateau halfway up the stairs, a group of young men to a makeshift table with a spartan  breakfast. sausage sandwiches, mayonnaise, a kind of white mass in a quarter liter of glass and asks if he can film them. i’ve not even seen, return, and just want to take a look, because the two guards are pushing us in a friendly way, but closer approach. “have no fear, that are good-natured people…” so we come closer.

Since i know nothing to say, i greet with “glory to ukraine” and a loud, enthusiastic “glory to get to the heroes!” in response. of a guardian towards the flits to the people and has flight to a panel of our beloved olenkaschokolade in the hand: “here, for the children. for you, we are here. we are from the maidan.” i try to explain that we are just foreigners who live for a limited time here. but don’t want to take it back. when you look at the about you from a variety of materials assembled barricades reminds me, here is a good place to photograph and go with the children in position. as the two guards take off their motorcycle helmets and equip bernhard and me. the one gives us even a nightstick.

Family haska on the barricades

(…) we cross the main post office, the street, and go up from soot black earth: the paving stones are all taken out for defense. on the maidan itself, is one of almost so many people are there. (…) the people flock to each other. not a smile, it would be inappropriate. further to the above, once again, a makeshift memorial with many, many flowers and a small pile in  different colored paper packed chocolates. prior to that, it has two six-liter canister, which usually drinking water is sold. the people throw money, and i read the sign next to it: it is to help the family and the funeral costs. the canisters are full, someone calls out: “sasha, collecting the canisters” and a few moments later, someone comes and carries them to the side.

The territory that i have not entered any longer (used to be a beautiful area for walks) looks strange, i think about what was actually earlier in addition to the,  blue stock exchange building. i see thin tree stumps and understand, you must be a bush or a grove of trees have been cut down for heating, the heat of the barrels, piece by piece. (…) we make photos and video recordings of the damages to street lights and trees, and of the people, the sticking also a photographer, and discover in the sooty mud and remnants of gas masks, single men’s shoes and boots.

The heart contracts, want to cry and cry oh, if we the people didn’t know they belonged to. but the friend with whom we spent the last night, knew three of the murdered person: “everything is so cute, clever men so moderate in their views, quite ordinary family fathers – not radical. bearers of hope in their political views…” you needed yesterday evening to find her composure again, ( … ). very, very thoughtful, we come home, wash us for a long time the soot from the faces. really happy we are not. we need to pray for unity of the forces of the maidan, a wise leadership and god’s protection for the people from around the spirit of the gangs.

24. february, 14.00 pm: and yet you…

construction jobs kiev ukraineSmile for the time of one to two encounters per day, always to be for at least a day very sad. this morning i had world prayer tags preparation with the german women. a little late, one had to do with your  jet lag of an overseas stay. the other two had linked their trip to the centre in order to bring before flowers to the maidan. so nearly a half-hour and stayed with me even to the people who are in our hospital. on the benches, three of the sick, in the last days febrile infections in our rooms had a cure sat. they had already patterned jackets in camouflage and were very, very still.

Although you are not healthy, you come back to the maidan. “time is running out, there is still so much to do.” explained one of them. a doctor came in. he always smiles so friendly and open-minded. be russian, sounds like he was speaking a foreign language. from the western ukraine coming, he speaks normally in ukrainian. he himself had come a long time ago, first as a patient to us, then as a volunteer in our church remained. the other day, probably on friday, he said to ralf:  “how well does it do that, you can now finally say again in his mind, without fear.” yes, and how good it is but we can tell you more now of the people for a certain amount of time at our place – without the fear that we are endangering them.

27. february, 17.00

construction jobs kiev ukraineThere is now real cause to pray for our colleagues (marcus and lilly göring)  in the crimea, a german parish family with small children, who have not lived long in the ukraine. as far as i hear, the situation is still unclear, and explosive, than at us, in kiev.

28. february, 20.30: war and peace

construction jobs kiev ukraineWood smoke. a strong, icy wind. it all looks so peaceful: only a few guards on the concrete wall. you sit with an open computer there, and the few cars waving through the narrow passage. i think only you see the messages. but it even seems to be a computer game. as long as the battery lasts.

No police. to guard is not necessary, the presidential palace. way back from the dog walk. i ask one of the young men: “what can we expect for the weekend?” the answer comes like a shot: “there will be war.” his serious gaze of a dark, tired eyes can feel that he means what he says. “you mean, the war in the crimea?” – “if there is war in the crimea, then it is war.” he says. i answer, “oh, god!” he says: “it is absolutely in the realm of the possible.” i stammer: “then we must pray that…” – “that everything comes to a peaceful end.” he completes my sentence. “but in the crimea we will not give up.”

Thoughtfully, i go back the few steps to the house. the neighbor just came in from the evening walk. “ira, what do we expect for the weekend? war or peace?” as from the gun shot, her answer comes: “peace, of course.” unsure i say: “someone just said, there is war…” – god help us!” she says, while my naughty dog trying to bite your pants leg.

2. March, 17.30 PM

Today, not less people were in worship, as to ordinary times of peace. at first, i counted the church-goers (only) in my half of the church hall, at the beginning of the worship service to 24 people. the filled afterwards still pretty, so overall definitely sixty people, if not more. for after that, we had to make the last preparations for the russian-speaking world day of prayer is recognized, the yes on the 7.3. celebrated will be. i had a real concern that we will not be able to perform general sample, because of the troubled times was not at all predictable, and who is coming. but then twelve active women there were, we have focused worked. “this year, the world is prayer tags preparation, as it was never,” is how tamara the situation at the beginning of the meeting, “but, nevertheless, the world day of prayer will be as it should be.”

It was overtaken by the liturgy, this year, from egypt, is very close, the fact that you wrote two years ago, finished of the events again. what can you plan today? connected to be able to feel with christians in other countries and in times of uncertainty, the more a firm hold from above, and i’m learning to appreciate this year especially.

3. march, 22.00

construction jobs kiev ukraineIn a subordinate clause (the children-ed.) sound that classmates are traveling out, as a precaution. not many, just actually a family. everything inside me clenched together. (…) ralf comes home and at dinner we should discuss, how we behave in case of an emergency should be. what we should take and who should travel. just in case of an emergency, of course. (…) one of ralfs facebook friends post: “now it has seized me. i got my convocation to get for tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.”

7. march

construction jobs kiev ukraineFor the last preparations for the celebration of the world day of prayer, we agreed to meet for two hours prior to the service. the time most women look pale and exhausted. a has been very sick and still not quite recovered. however, on this occasion, they made the arduous journey from the suburbs – forty minutes to walk to the bus stop, the crowded suburban train, then the subway and the steep rise in luteranska – with luggage on. she wanted to not let it take, the world day of prayer to shape it. how much i like you, and for your sincerity to us strength of purpose admire! now she sits, and takes about ten minutes to get my breath. another accidentally left the updated and carefully ausformalisierten intercessions at home. also, so you need to be improvised, like so much on this special night.

A woman i know only by face, speaks to me. she is wearing the world prayer tags emblem, and has come in the last few years the wgt. “i’m a psychologist and i’m extra, something more, in the event that in the hospital someone needs my help.” this is not the case, however, because the patient, who would do that well, is just in a deep sleep, and she agrees with the doctor that sleep is a good remedy.

A part of the decoration, we discuss previously, it is still short: how would it be if we, alongside the egyptian flag, this time the ukrainian hang-up? after some consideration, we hang the german flag. many of our russian parishioners of german roots, speak them because of their difficult life path  (deportation, separation of families, prohibition of the native language, tedious survival in forced camps under stalin) – speaking have are very important.

(…) by the women prior to the service created additional intercession is very short, but  it will be presented by two women, unanimously, and so fervently, that she goes to me: “god, we pray for the women of egypt and the ukraine in this difficult time…give ukraine peace and unity!” god has heard this prayer, prayer, and feel sorrow and pain of women fear for their husbands, sons, fathers and brothers. the prayer of the righteous can do much, if it is in earnest (james 5, 16).

10. march

construction jobs kiev ukraine(…) met me the sympathetic young doctor with the round face and the glasses i have now seen more often  kneeling and with tears in our church to pray. for a long i did not want to surrender to have a talk with her, it had  previously only. she is in the hospital on the way to our church. i ask you finally for your name, is how many young women here, vika. with all the terrible that she has seen, she exudes such a warm course of her kindness. i tell her that i have noted your prayers. “yes, i’m actually greek catholic. but it is probably so that we have the same, some of god”, she smiles at me.

(on an excursion with the children in a park, d. red.) in the park, nothing in the world is to feel policy. spring! the birds are chirping, that one can warm the heart. on the way back i buy a bude dog food. the seller is soooo nice and patient. as he filled the feed is almost finished, i thought about it differently. “but of course!”  is he on my request, and dumps it again. fills  me a different, cheaper food. the exchange of money, he adds lots of good wishes, and the friendly admonition to my child, it may be the season of the year in accordance with dress, short pants is  it is still too early. so my desperate speech before our departure in the morning. but from the lips of a mature, kind man for a freshly baked teenager into something completely  different. i’m the seller.  from the heart grateful. i like the ukrainians for their caring and friendliness  love!

18. march

construction jobs kiev ukraineI have the feeling that people  want to now talk less of their reasonable fear. at noon, i have to adjust a date to the contact lenses. for hard lenses, there are in kiev at all, just an address, i was looking forward to this optics company. like so many perfectly reputable agencies, i find you in a backyard in the basement. the doctor was waiting for me already, asking me to take a seat (…).

She works in a very focused way with me. (…) our conversation is strictly factual, although i try to tickle her assessment of the current situation. you’re dripping on me yellow color to the eye, the lens is seen in the contrast better. i’ll have a look at the light blue curtains, and try it with “my blue – and-yellow world…”. she keeps a straight face and replies with a neutral voice: “i’ve seen you wear a ribbon on the jacket.” more  no comment to my maidan – loop.

Later, ( … ), she asks, rather casually for the reason of my stay in the ukraine. i declare that my husband works and i am for our children. how many would i have? i’ll tell her the same age. well, they are still relatively small. her son was twenty-three. i’m trying it again: “in today’s times you have to make the big boys probably have more to worry about than the smaller…” she seems to want to not understand what i’m getting at. i set out with a statement, because she interrupts me: “oh, you mean because i ask you to fight.” (…) just for a moment, her voice trembles: “we did not think that we would actually live up to a war. we all thought that the wars belong to the past century.” so we return to the purely medical and business talk. (…)

Let us, the people with their faces into the heart and in our prayers record! the ukrainian soldiers pasha, for example, was used for several years in the crimea. his father’s very worried about him and his family. “they had recently bought a house there. the family he has now sent back into the home. hopefully they let him out, otherwise he will have to serve in the russian army. it’s all not so easy…” as i would like to reassure the father: “all will be well. god preserveth him.” i don’t say it. i promise just to pray for him.

Controversial peace procession in ukraine

construction jobs kiev ukraineA country-wide procession in the ukraine has caused disagreements between the two competing orthodox churches. invited to the several-hundred-kilometers long march the moscow patriarchate of the ukrainian orthodox church. the procession was a call for peace, said vasily anisimov of the moscow patriarchate. archbishop jewstratij zorya of kyiv patriarchate, however, said the procession was not a prayer for
peace, but a “march of the russian world” and the anti-maidan.

Thousands of pilgrims for the past three weeks, in two processions on the road, they started in the east at the monastery of svyatogorsk and in the west at the ascension monastery of pochaiv. on wednesday you want to meet in the capital city of kiev, and marching with a great liturgy, in around 1,000 years old cave monastery, complete.
security forces and the organizing church expected according to the ukrainian interior minister, arsen avakov, with around 20,000 pilgrims in kiev.


To deal with the ukraine: tymoshenko free let em boycott

construction jobs kiev ukraine“yanukovych should make a humanitarian gesture and the prisoners released and pardoned,” said löning on monday in the wdr. he hope that before the start of the european football championship in poland and ukraine on 8. june, the case will be. before the major sporting event of the maximum pressure needed to be built to the leadership in kiev, said löning. the country has signed the european convention on human rights and must comply with the promised rule of law now, “the situation with the prisoners needs to be adjusted”.

On the question of whether german politicians should travel to the em-play of the german team in the ukraine, added löning: “it would be a desirable result, that we may go, and our team cheer, and not next door, people in prison, not medical care.” a em a boycott of the people had rejected legal representative previously. in ukraine, 16 em games are planned, including the final match on 1. july in kiev.

Löning pointed out that in addition to tymoshenko also several ministers of their former government to be detained: “against a good dozen people from their government processes and investigations are pending”. the judiciary will need is, quite obviously, to the elimination of political opponents miss.

The country had made after the orange revolution, the tymoshenko government made significant progress in the direction of freedom and the rule of law, said löning. “there was a vibrant civil society, fair elections, free speech and great debates in the media.” all of this will now be rotated under yanukovych, “step by step back”.

Pastor in kiev: government to blame for escalation

construction jobs kiev ukraineThe current escalation of violence was triggered, according to the lutheran pastor, clearly by the government. “on the maidan are peaceful people, not terrorists. no one of them wants to and the violence wanted to.”

There were gathered together doctors, students and people from all social strata on the central independence square. “i observed a peaceful protest with speeches, singing and dancing on the maidan,” added haska. in media, the protesters had been slandered, in his view, partly as a violent terrorist. “there were so mischievous comments.”

For a peaceful solution to the conflict would have to withdraw president viktor yanukovych, called on the foreign minister of the evangelical church in germany (ekd) in kiev. “the people on the maidan fighting for their lives, their freedom and their values. they want democracy and a country that is not mired in corruption.”

a German pastor in Kiev is fighting against Bishop

According to schäfer delku bishop serge maschewski gave last sunday morning (6.12.2015) with a second key access to the church and locked the sexton. the municipality called the police and filed a police report. the aim of the action is urgent presumption, a delku-faithful pastor in his place, which had announced to the church board in writing in advance, so schäfers. schäfer was required on sunday, a document to sign, in which, probably, should stand, that he would not prevent the bishop, the divine service to perform. schaefer wrote, but nothing. later, he found a document on the altar, which should notarize the introduction of the new pastor. the delku had already been a few years ago a deacon to st. catherine sent, according to schaefer later to the “extended arm” of the church leadership.

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