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Brasil-workout: shake fit!

brazilian singles in usa

The new brazilian workout conjures up tight forms and brings rhythm to the summer training. so you are fit for the hot season.

It’s fun and goes very quickly, because the brasil workout relies on the cunning interplay of stabilization, movement, and rhythm. the just five minutes of exercise a day will bring here a lot of: the strength exercises are simply in a certain position, and through targeted mini-movements with weights still intensified. in this moment the deep muscles comes into play, we judge ourselves and take on the character is defined and visibly firmer.

Ideal for training, dumbbells are the knobs, called “brasils”*, which are filled with a lead-sand mixture, and during the shaking movement, is additionally a powerful impulse to give. the exercises are without weights, or small dumbbells (max. 1 kg) is very effective.

The brasil-workout has developed the gymnastics-trainer, gabi fastner. information and course offerings

How to train properly

brazilian singles in usa

For this workout you need a mat and small weights. two motions alternate with each exercise: first, stabilize the dumbbells slowly and in a controlled-and-forth – that is, the surface muscles of exercises. and secondly, so-called “mini moves”, in which the weights to be minimal and quickly be moved. which trains the deep muscles holding. you can use the brasil-dumbbells*, is the radius of movement is optimal when the granules are shaken in the dumbbells from the front to the rear. the body remains the same during the exercises stable, shoulder blades back and navel to inside. hand joints of the lock, so that the movements come from the shoulder.

Expiration: ideally, you train five times per week five exercises. each exercise sequence starts with 20 seconds, level off, then ten seconds of mini-moves to follow, 20 seconds, level off, and 10 seconds mini-moves. page breaks don’t forget!

*dumbbell set of “brasils”, about 19 euro, in many sports shops, more info:

1. flamingo

brazilian singles in usa

So, it seems to be: stabilizes the spine and pelvis, trains the balance, shaping butt, thighs, arms, shoulders, and trunk muscles.

How: the standing leg bend slightly, the other leg at a 90-degree angle to the front, lift the thigh up to horizontal pull high (a).

When you level off the swing leg to the back stretch and on the bottom tap (b), then re-tighten. the arms swing against the same to the top and back again.

Courses in the mini-moves both arms horizontally forward, the hand are facing each other surfaces (c). the brasils are now conducted against the same in small, rapid shaking movements up and down.

2. Flyer

So, it seems to be: stabilizes the spine and the pelvis, trains the balance, tightens buttocks, thighs, arms, shoulders and trunk.

How: is on one leg, the other to the rear to stretch out. torso forward bend, head in extension of the spine, stand bent leg slightly. torso and colossal leg are located in a line. hold your arms out to the side (a).

Pull the level off the lifted leg with the knee forward, at the same time the arms to the knee result in (b). leg to the back stretch and the arms out to the side lift.

Mini moves arms out to the side stretch, palms down (c). both arms move at the same time in tiny, rapid movements back and forth.

3. po shaper

brazilian singles in usa

So, it seems to be: trained bottom, thighs, arms, stomach and back.

How: in the quadruped knees, finger tips forward. the elbows are slightly bent, the knees, hips open, the spine is straight, the view remains on the ground. a leg parallel to the ground and lifting the opposite arm to the side tracks (a).

When you level off alternating arm and leg together (b) and re-routes.

Mini moves the side-stretched arm in small, fast movements back and forth of the result in (c).

4. bridge

brazilian singles in usa

So, it seems to be: trained bottom, thighs, back, arms, chest, shoulder and belly.

Set-up how to: is in a supine position, feet hip width apart, heels under the knees. the basin press the up key until the thigh and torso form a line. the weight is between the shoulder blades, the chin pulls to the chest (a).

When you level off the pool lift slowly and lower. don’t drop it. arms behind the head and back alongside the body (b).

Mini moves remains the buttocks in the air. both arms vertically, palms to each other, against the same small shaking movements of the front and back (c).

5. since location

brazilian singles in usa

So, it seems to be: trained balance, abdominal muscles, back and arms.

How: is on the side, the lower arm above the head stretch, buttocks tensing. legs and lifting the upper arm to the femur (a).

When you level off alternating legs lower and lift again, when lowering the arm goes over the head (b).

Courses in the mini-moves of the arm vertically, legs lifting. arm with small shaking movements in the direction of the waist to bring (c).

6. rowing

brazilian singles in usa

So, it seems to be: trained belly, arms and back.

Put it: goes upright on the floor, legs bend, feet hip width up. the lumbar spine remains straight, the arms are stretched forward (a).

When you level off the torso slightly leaning back (not hollow!) and both arms to the side (b), then return to the starting position and the arms in front of bring.

Mini moves lean the torso back, stretching your arms to the side, palms facing forward. now with both arms, small, shaking movements to the top and bottom of run (c).

7. boat

brazilian singles in usa

So, it seems to be: trained belly and arms.

How: on the back, upper and lower legs with closed knees at a 90-degree angle lift. the head, chest and arms off the floor, chin to the sternum, the abdomen is tense (a).

When you level off, the arms bend in the direction of the ears (b) and again back lead.

Mini moves the palm of their hand to show surfaces to each other, the outstretched arms on the go at the same time in a small, shaking movements, and (c).

8. beetles

brazilian singles in usa

So, it seems to be: trained abdomen, back and arms.

How: on the back, the thigh and lower leg at right angles to lift. the back remains on the floor, the navel pulls inward. a leg stretch and a little from the ground, lift the other leg to tighten (a).

When you level off to stretch legs in the exchange and re-tighten (b). the arms move against the same to be stretched before and back up behind the head.

Mini moves stretched arms next to the body lift, the palms of the hands to each other to rotate, then against the same, and shake (c).

9. swimming

brazilian singles in usa

So, it seems to be: trained back, arms and belly.

How: is on your stomach, arms above the head stretch out. body stretch, butt tensing, head and neck will remain in the extension of the spine, the view goes to the floor.

When you level off right leg and left arm off the ground (a), and again lower, then the left leg and the right arm lifting and lowering (b).

Mini moves the legs remain on the ground. the palms of the hands together turn the poor against same-small, shaking movements to and from do (c). if this is too hard, the arms in the right angle bend.

Here there are the exercises as a pdf for free to download

Note: for the download of the pdf-documents you need the acrobat reader, you can download here free of charge.

photos: Jan Rickers production: Joana Claro concept: Gabi Fastner Workout is An article from BRIGITTE Balance 02/09

Brazil: shopping center provides for the adoption of the children to look 💔

brazilian singles in usaIn brazil, the event has drawn the other day, the excitement of the internet users. in a shopping center held a parade on a catwalk for the adoption of a free-standing children’s show. the spiegel online.

The action by the local branch of the children and youth commission of the bar association (cyc), and an association in cuiabá was organized in the state of mato grosso.

Made for pretty one day

brazilian singles in usaThe aim: the older children visible”,  should be made”; because it is difficult to find a family or an orphanage. the children and young people were dressing for a day for the catwalk, make-up and dressed-up in what was otherwise granted.

Indignation in the network

brazilian singles in usaThe viewers of the spectacle were indignant. they compared the event with the title “adoption on the catwalk” with slaves or livestock auctions. “are animals or slaves sold?”, a facebook user asked. “shameful, it is like a display of children in the form of a cattle market,” wrote another user. the pictures of the fashion show are no longer found in the social networks.

A sort of slave-trade fair

The brazilian lawyer eduardo mahon showed to the newspaper muvuca popular shocked: “the potential adoptive parents can see how nice, friendly and easy going, the kids on the catwalk are, it seems like a old slave fair that has the teeth and the body of the people, in order to negotiate about the bid,” he told the newspaper.

Criticism on the part of the government

brazilian singles in usaFor the rights of children and young people competent government department, expressed, meanwhile, regret. the state must protect children. this also includes the protection of your identity and your feelings, count it is said in an official statement. by no means you should be able to connect parallel to the dark past of the country.

Reassurances on the part of the organiser

brazilian singles in usaExplain the cyc-chairman of mato grosso, tatiane de barros ramalho, tried the event. you have shown children who have been introduced to many families and orphanages, and still have not been adopted. the aim is also different family have been to present models. supposedly you have can give already successful children.

The state news agency, agencia brasil reported, however, relying on the national adoption register that in brazil, more than 9500 children and young people waited for their adoption.

such As Cinderella

Nevertheless, we find the argument, the children were allowed to make for pretty one day, to go on the catwalk, but it still sounds a little cinderella who was allowed to go once in your life to the king’s ball.

Security can also be reached through targeted campaigns in the social networks, more children’s parents to find loving adoptive.

A family that decides to adopt this is at least not spontaneously, because it has seen a child like a piece of clothing on the catwalk, and then to the acquisition of decide.

Video tip: in this 5-year-old experienced the surprise of her life when she is to be adopted

Brazilian waxing – you need to know

brazilian singles in usaThe brazilian waxing (engl. “brazilian waxes”) are removed, the hair in the genital area with hot wax. this method originates from brazil and is named after it. the waxing of the sensitive areas should always have a professional carried out. so-called depiladoras (beauticians that specialize in waxing) offers nowadays, almost every cosmetic studio. use this wax on a honey base, which is heated, and its liquid consistency. with a wooden spatula, the wax is applied to the body to be depilated. the wax needs to dry for a few seconds, and harden. then, with a jerk of the skin, causing the hairs including the hair root is removed will be deducted.

Brazilian waxing: what variants are possible?

brazilian singles in usaThe most common imtimfrisur in the waxing of the ‘hollywood cut is uncontroversial’. in this variant, all the hair removed in the pubic area, including the butt,. but also the ‘landing strip’ is in demand among german women is still very. the largest part of the pubic hair is removed, only a narrow, vertical strip on the mons pubis remains. who wants to let his pubic hair, not completely remove, but only the area that could flash out of a tight slip or a bikini, the ‘bikini waxing’ good. most beauty salons also offer the variant of ‘freestyle’. the shame shaped hair to the right patterns. whether heart, star or triangle, the possibilities are endless.

Should be

Brazilian waxing: the cost

brazilian singles in usaMost beauty salons now offer brazilian waxing. but there are also special studios that only specialize in sugaring, waxing, and co.. depending on what you decide on, the price per treatment is between 25 and 35 euro. every 5 to 6 weeks, the treatment can be repeated. the advantage of a regular treatment is that the hairs grow back finer and slower.

Brigitte-editor kristina maroldt has dared to do a intimate waxing and a trip through the cultural history of the depilation head:

“no, it was not a bet. i was forced to by my friend. and: i plan not to spend the summer in the string and narrow string-bikini. the reason why i’m still here, in a backyard shop in berlin mitte, under me, cold paper, than me cooler neon light and in front of me, the first intimate waxing of my life, is curiosity. what is the deal with the current slugs trend? why suddenly want to have so many people have no hair on body, not even in places that get only you or selected individuals to face? feels the result is really as fantastic as some of the b-league-celebrities would have us believe want to make? and especially: how much hurts as a deforestation by the name of intimate waxing is that a fact?”

Video recommendation:

Rich women: 10 billionaire women and their history

brazilian singles in usaThe happiness of this earth is on the back of a horse: this applies at least for the formerly richest girl in the world, athina onassis, granddaughter and heiress to the fortune of aristotle onassis. the girl, a young woman has become. her inheritance amounts to about 3.1 billion euros – nevertheless, you feel the wealth as a curse: “the money has only brought disaster to my family.” in her childhood, athina had its own private zoo and is supposedly the servant carried them through the area, as she was able to walk for a long time. in spite of the spoiled childhood, she is considered friendly and frugal. your passion is horses, she is a successful jumping rider and has used a portion of their assets to build its own horse-breeding. since 2005, she is married with the brazilian rider álvaro alfonso de miranda neto.

Alice walton

brazilian singles in usaSave money. live better – this is the new motto of the world’s largest retail group, wal-mart is. alice walton, daughter of company founder sam walton, lives with a fortune of 19, 5 billion dollars better than other people – richer than she is of the world, or her own sister christy. the 60-year-old alice grew up in bentonville, arkansas. in 1988, she founded her own company, the “llama copmany”, an investment bank. but also social you dedicated to your efforts towards a summer was camp, which offers children from disadvantaged backgrounds the opportunity to spend the summer holidays. today, alice walton lives secluded on their ranch in mineral wells, texas and horse breeding – a popular hobby of rich women.

Joanne rowling

brazilian singles in usaAll magic? this question will have a joanne rowling in the beginning of her writer career, probably, often asked. the single mother and welfare recipient began in 1993 to work in a cafe on your first volume “harry potter and the philosopher’s stone”. whether this story corresponds to one hundred percent of the truth, is by far the best – it fits but to the fairy-tale rise of joanne rowling liable. to social assistance, the author needs to worry more: a billion dollar “forbes magazine estimated” in the years 2004 to 2007. a total of seven volumes of the adventures of the magician’s apprentice, harry potter, the books have reached cult status and the film adaptations leave the money in the box office ringing.

Johanna quandt

brazilian singles in usaHow do i catch me a millionaire? questions you and johanna quandt. the previous secretary got her boss: the german industrial herbert quandt. she is his third wife and, with a fortune of 5 billion dollars to one of the richest women of germany and of the world. it holds, among other things, 16.7 per cent of the shares in the automobile manufacturer bmw. but also the social, the now 76-year-old is involved: in 1995, she called the johanna-quandt-foundation, was named in 2005 for her commitment to children with cancer for the honorary senator of the johann-wolfgang-goethe-university in frankfurt, and in 2009, got the federal cross of merit.

Susanne klatten

brazilian singles in usaLike mother, like daughter: johanna quandts daughter, susanne klatten, has a capacity of 7.8 million euros, in addition to the shares of bmw. mrs klatten has but met the shadow side of wealth – it was three years ago, the victim of an extortion. the swiss helg sgarbi, with whom she had an affair, threatened to publish explicit photos of her. susanne klatten showed courage and displayed their blackmailer, although she knew that the media would pay attention to this case and run with it. in 2009, helg sgarbi has been sentenced to six years imprisonment.

Oprah winfrey

brazilian singles in usaSilence is silver, talk is gold. true to this motto, the american talk show host us entrepreneur oprah winfrey, which was mainly due to the “oprah winfrey show” is known. she has now attained cult status, can call an oscar nomination and was the first african-american billionaire. her fortune is estimated to be approximately $ 2.5 billion.

Liliane bettencourt

brazilian singles in usaYou are worth – this is also the main shareholder in the cosmetics giant l’oréal, liliane bettencourt, whose fortune is approximately 13.4 billion dollars is. the money alone is not happiness, madame must bettencourt experienced at first hand: her own daughter, requested in december 2009, to place them under guardianship. in the years 2001 to 2007 gave liliane a billion euros of bettencourt, the french photographer françois-marie banier. since then, radio reigns bettencourt silence between liliane and her daughter.

Paris hilton

brazilian singles in usaThe heirs to be learned. paris hilton was lucky, she is the future heiress to the hilton fortune, which is estimated to be 26 billion dollars. in 2005, its assets amounted to around 360 billion dollars. paris hilton is not only “heiress,” but a true marketing genius. she began her career as a model, it’s the documentary series “the real life” and excursion into the film world followed. in spite of their flaunted party labels paris can also convince as an entrepreneur. together with her sister nicki, she founded a fashion label in japan that will generate considerable profits.


brazilian singles in usaEasy come-easy go, as they, will have madeleine schickedanz well last year. you can call 21.5 percent of the shares of arcandor ag that, had to log on to the 2009 bankruptcy. “forbes” estimated the assets in march 2009, just 1 billion dollars. a day after the declaration of insolvency, there were only 50 million euros. with your expression, you would have to live with since the insolvency of 600 euros a month, she had forfeited many of the sympathies.

Shari arison

brazilian singles in usaCan cause wealth to premonitions? the man asks, at least since the memoirs of the richest woman in the middle east, shari arison. it has a financial imerpium of $ 2.7 billion, including a bank, and claims from time to time to have visions. you could look in the future, the tsunami disaster saw you along with a financial crisis. in israel, a popular television commentator motti kirshenbaum said dry: “everyone has the right to hear voices. the only problem is: i don’t want the bank i have my money, belongs to someone who hears voices.” he’s right.

Zika virus: how it feels to be pregnant in brazil?

brazilian singles in usa

Sophia from munich is pregnant with her first child and lives in brazil, where the zika virus is rampant. we asked how you deal with the threat.

Sophia martins do rio moreira is happily married, writes with her friend, jacqueline the mum-blog “style. pray. love.” and you expected in the summer of their first, longed-for child.

So everything is actually perfect, but sophia lives in rio de janeiro. and brazil is the country that is affected the most by the zika virus, the pathogen that is transmitted by mosquitoes and can probably cause unborn children to microcephaly, a malformation of the skull.

The WHO has to call because of the rapid spread of Zika Virus’ health emergency, Pregnant women are advised not to travel in the affected areas.

How do you feel, if you will, of all things, this is the place for the first time to get pregnant? about mom has spoken-editor michèle rothenberg with the 29-year-old munich native.

brazilian singles in usaSophia, you were already pregnant when you from the outbreak of zika virus did you learn?

Yes, i was. i only learned a month later, in december, of the virus. and that it seems to be far more than a harmless viral infection, which have a significant impact on unborn babies can have.

If you already knew – it would have your family planning?

How big is your fear – are you worried about your baby?

If you want to stay in brazil?

My desire is anyway, and i would feel at home in germany, of course, more comfortable. the zika virus was added to by strengthening and influenced the decision also. but if i came to germany, i would be separated from my husband for at least four months. he is a english teacher here in rio de janeiro and can’t make his school classes in the middle of the school year. in addition, he would, perhaps, not in time for the birth of our baby in germany.

Big love: sophia emigrated with ivan a few years ago to rio de janeiro. about her life there, she also writes on her blog “style. pray. love.”

How your environment reacted to your pregnancy?

In principle, have been looking forward to all that we are expecting a baby. for me, it is also the first child. we are very happy and don’t let the worry affect. nevertheless, especially my family from germany has responded worried, because in europe, zika virus seems to dominate the media. so my family and friends have been informed about all the possibilities, how i can come back, i find it a very loving and sweet.

What does your doctor do this?

How to protect you trying to you? this is all about?

Unfortunately, we are hearing that most of the zika virus cases occur in the poor regions, the favelas. there are many unwanted water reserves, for example, in tires or tons, pots, buckets. these are optimal breeding sites for the mosquitoes. at home, we have equipped our apartment with the fragrance plugs against insects and up to us in the 22. stock make it the mosquitoes anyway rare.

The fight against the mosquito with insecticide in brazil authorities are trying to protect the population.

How to read, increases the number of abortions in brazil. that would be something you would after a trick, think? i’ve heard nothing yet. abortions are banned in brazil. but perhaps the real number of illegal abortions in brazil are currently in a higher range than usual.after a trick, i would have an abortion is never easy so my baby. there are also infected mothers, the zika-not has had a virus harmful to the unborn out of it. according to my doctor you can the microcephaly for the baby, at the earliest, from the 21. week of pregnancy find.for me personally, the question is not, in principle – but it’s up to each mom in your heart and for yourself and your baby.

How the state of emergency makes itself felt in everyday life?

How other pregnant women to go out of your circle with the crisis?

Do you think that the government and authorities are responding correctly to the emergency?

Thank you, sophia, we wish you and your family all the best!

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