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  • More than just profiles, very social site
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  • All features are free to use
  • Many sections in the site are down
  • The possibility of fake profiles exist, as the dating site has no identity verification process
  • A subscription is needed to see someone's additional photos
  • Has the same features as the desktop version
  • Complete your profile by supplying information about your vitals, basic and extended info to attract more members
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“castle loersfeld” from 2019 without julia komp

asian woman

“the castle loersfeld”, to the west of cologne, located, blowing thanks to julia komp and their young team is a daily breath of fresh air. with enthusiasm, fun and expertise of the chef and their brigade of charms every day, guests in the castle kitchen. style: classic french with asian and even oriental influences.

Komp is always travelled, especially in the orient it has done to her. “but i was also often in asia, and the asian flavors to know the guests better, therefore, to find these influences more often in my kitchen” says the chef in a press release. to experience the asian cuisine at the source, komp finished their time in kerpen and embarks on traveling to a diverse continent. she plans to meet colleagues and to embark on the search for the original regional cuisines: “i would also like to find grandma’s and mom’s and see if i can cook a little bit.”

It’s happening for the star chef in january. for about six months, you will be on the road, a return to cologne is already in talks for a new project to run. their succession in the kitchen of the castle, is regulated, however, already: paul spiesberger, is the former sous chef, takes over.

In this interview, tells us julia komp what will be the highlight of your trip, and where it goes after your return:

Wife comp, why you are leaving, in spite of the great success of “castle loersfeld”?julia komp: i would like to see something and learn something. it was always my dream to work abroad – if not now, then when?

And when did you decide that?

it was relatively spontaneously in the past two to three weeks. But we go apart in a Good way. I was brought so much confidence in the past few years. I was promoted after only eleven months to the chef – you had me can also be easy to put a more experienced chef in front of the nose. And I’m working up to the last Minute on December 31. December, I’m cooking again for new year’s eve menu.

Do you love the orient – why are you traveling, nevertheless to asia?

look at me Asia, my absolute Highlight of Morocco at the end of the trip. Here I visit Moha Fedal (“Dar Moha”), the best chef in Morocco. In Asia, I visit some of the chefs, but the Coolest thing is to go with the Locals on the food market. What’s in it for me to buy the ingredients, their preparation, I know. Of the Locals to learn on the best. And I look forward to the people I will meet. Because the contact is maintained over a long time away, so a network is fun, and the Most you learn after work.

As long as you are on the go and what do you do when you are here again?

I’m not going to be about six months on the road – so that the people will forget me (laughs). And I come back to Cologne. Here I already have a network, and the people who come to know me then get back to me in Munich, I hardly know anyone, because I would have to start virtually from scratch.

And how will look like the kitchen in the direction of?

It will go to my return in any case, Oriental and more. I would not be able to transform the classic French kitchen in the castle “Loersfeld” simply an Oriental. At the moment I cook so one to one and a half courses Oriental, in the future, there should be two or two and a half.

You still have the star kitchen in the visor?

Always continue with full throttle!

Full speed to the three stars?

(Laughs) That probably won’t happen as quickly as the first star, but, yeah.

Christina kraus about their job in oman – falstaff

Christina kraus, has taken a bold step: in 2014 they went for their career abroad (falstaff reported). at that time she was deputy staff director of the kempinski properties in doha, even today it still is for the kempinski group. in this interview, she tells why she has accepted a job in a distant country, what are the tasks of your current job and whether homesickness plays in german born, not a they died with their mid-twenties to qatar. what it has moved, a job outside of europe to accept?kraus , other cultures, other languages, the weather and most of all the career opportunities in the world’s large and well-known hotels.

Previously, they were for some time deputy personnel manager of the kempinski houses in doha. how did you get your present job?

I like the Pre-Openings, a lot of things from Zero build, this is I think as a Baby to raise. Then there is the task at some point, once things are working well. As I have previously worked four years for the Kempinski group, my Recruitment process is a little faster than normal.

What are your current tasks?

I focus on the Recruitment, Policies and Procedure Set-Up, Welfare of the employees and the Housing. Systems set up to build contacts with hotel schools, both inside and outside of the country, and many other things.

In an earlier interview with the career you meant, you want to stay in the staff area. you are still of this opinion?

Yes, this is where I want to stay at the Hotel. I like the Hotel Operations, I am happy to be outside, even on to the guest whenever necessary, while the MOD-services (editor’s note. the editors: Manager on Duty-services), and so on. I have to grab love with and am not only the one that sits in the office.

The “kempinski muscat” opens at the 4. quarter of 2017. by what is the new hotel of the kempinski-series?the location for the hotel is unique, as we sit in al mouj, a residensical area with over 7,000 residents. we are a city hotel, thanks to the large banquet area as well as the location in the vicinity of the airport, as well as a resort with a beach, a luxurious spa, kids club and many other facilities. here we have leisure for a chance to win corporate guests for us. furthermore, we will have twelve outlets, where we want to win our community around us.

Muscat is one of the oldest cities in the arabian peninsula. how does a hotel a european hotel chain with the culture of the locals?

Actually, it is very similar. We, as a Company, Kempinski has just been 120 years old, join us as the oldest european luxury brand with the country which maintains a long Tradition. We will give “Omani Culture” by our staff from Oman to all our guests. As well as employees of Kempinski, the company will give values to our employees from Oman. It all goes Hand-in-Hand.

What cultural differences have you faced yourself? can it is necessary to adjust or what to watch for?

I am, with a break of almost two years for the opening of our house in Vienna for more than six years in the GCC, and to say to all my friends and Relatives that I think I, a completely normal life. The respect is written in these countries is even greater, therefore, I think this is the most important. Who will the Locals respect, and gets back the help. Things like Ramadan and do not eat or Drink during the period of time is normal and should be respected.

What are the benefits of working with at “kempinski”?

I connect almost my entire career with the company and have experienced many great moments. I was developed by my former or present General Managers and personnel Directors to the Position at such a young age, sometimes the tough and long days, but I don’t regret a Moment. If you have people you trust, and regular Feedback must not always be positive, then you go the extra mile for someone else, for the General Manager of the company represented. Kempinski is to be a “Talent Transfer Calls”, career days, or also through direct contacts, the Chance quickly transferred.

From austria to oman – is homesick not an issue for you? , vienna was for me a great experience for my professional life, has laid the basis. a small team has virtually done it all and learned a lot. i love austria, but i’m aware of went back to what was very supported.

Do you think that foreign experience in future job interviews or in the job plus points?

Well, of course, but the experience abroad should have to do, in my opinion, something to do with the profession. Someone in the “Work and Travel” makes, shows me that he is open to a lot of countries and cultures, but they are mostly temporary Jobs. A stable entry-level job or a trainee program, you can also make it according to the course of study or training and then have something Solid in the Hand.

The a and o are languages, if you want to professionally compete internationally. you speak besides english another language? you would like to further learning? i speak english, german and a few phrases in arabic. but as far as it goes. yeah, i would like to learn arabic, i’ll do it but later. maybe at a point where my professional life first. this will still take a few years.

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